Big Red Barrelcast 14: Not Gooey Enough

The Big Red Barrelcast returns to tickle your ear drums! E3 is on the horizon which means Dave, Kev and Pacman have to scrape the bottom of the barrel (pun intended) to find things to blabber on about.

This time, they ramble on about:

  • Fuse
  • Razor’s new gaming laptop
  • KOTOR on the ipad
  • Last Of Us: The Series
  • Rumor: Dishonored team is making Prey 2
  • EA gets rid of all online passes
  • Sony’s DRM
  • Elder Scrolls Online
  • What we want/expect from Sony and Microsoft’s E3 press conferences
  • And some healthy bonus content for those lovely individuals amongst you that bought our App

We’d love to give you all some sort of incredible hug immediately followed by a polite conversation about how cool you are, but frankly we can’t afford the travel expenses. So, while we save our pennies, cents, and whatever the heck Canadians use, we’ll offer you some download links to help bide the time. Subscribe here. Here’s the RSS feed.  Leave an iTunes review here. Download the mp3 here.

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  1. Dangerous Brian

    Regular podcasts during E3, count me in! I’m going to be at a music festival for the last 2 days so that will keep me going in between bands. It will be nice to finally get some more info about the next gen.

    As for the World War Z film, I love the book, I love the Zombie Survival Guide… The trailer just depressed me. Forget the running, jumping, climbing zombies for a minute, Brad Pitt is in it. You know he will survive, you know his kid will too. Back to the zombies, why does Hollywood (and game studios) have to make them fast, it’s ruining the whole point of zombies, the way they slowly lurch over to their intended victims and never ever stop. That’s what makes them so menacing! Yes, I will admit that some can move faster than others, but running? Zombies are essentially reanimated corpses. That means that they will have bacteria working on decomposition, early stage rigor-mortis, they may have parts of their legs missing where they were bit, broken legs, damaged spinal columns. There are dozens of reasons why they can’t run, Let alone climb and jump.

    That is just two of the many reasons why I shall not be watching this film. I probably should have put this rant on a Flix episode but mentioning it during the bonus content just set me off. Bad zombie content is my red flag.

  2. ThaJM

    I still can’t wrap my mind around a sequel to “Prey” being developed. It sold terribly according to vgchartz and nobody cares about it! Meanwhile Mirror’s edge 2 is still a whisper on the wind.

    Also, is there a way to make the brb app available on the amazon store to Singapore? I don’t own an apple device and last time i tried i couldn’t access the android version on the amazon appstore.

    On the topic of zombies (sorry yoshifett), i haven’t read the zombie survival guide in a while, but diidn’t max brooks explore the cause of the outbreak? Specifically citing a viral infection? So zombies aren’t necessarily reanimated corpses. I speak from memory though so don’t quote me on any of this.

  3. Dangerous Brian

    I’m sure that the virus infects the brain then kills its victim up to 72 hours later, it’s been a few months since I read it too, so I may have remembered it wrong. I’m almost certain that the zombie is dead before turning.

  4. ThaJM

    Just looked up the wiki page, the solanum virus is stated to have a 100% mortality rate upon infection. Looks like you were right, thought the synopsis of world war z mentions that the natural decay of the zombies would take years. So fast moving zombies would be possible for the first few days or months of the pandemic.

    I do see your point though, the most defining traits of zombies are their persistence and ease of proliferation. Making them fast would relegate them to monsters, nothing more. I do hope the movie will stay true to the book regardless. I haven’t read world war z yet, but what i got from the brief synopsis would make for a very interesting movie.

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