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Big Red Barrelcast 14: Not Gooey Enough

E3 is on the horizon which means Dave, Kev and Pacman have to scrape the bottom of the barrel (pun intended) to find things to blabber on about.

Big Red Barrelcast 12: Ouya Money

The show might be a little late, but Dave, Kev and Pacman pontificate about video games and video game accessories as usual.

Big Red Barrelcast 6: Hulk Buster Junior

The Big Red Barrelcast returns! PacManPolarBear, Dave and Kev are here to talk about video games and video game accessories.

BRB UK 35: Tactical Banana

Well, hello there! We’re all recovering from our Extra Life marathons – so we’ve probably talked more codswallop than usual this week. Regardless, why don’t you join Dan, Jon and Tim for their take on the week’s gaming news!

Preview: Ted Price Talks Fuse

Tim got the chance to get hands-on with Insomniac’s latest creation Fuse and got some time with Ted Price, who thankfully didn’t reFuse to talk to him after he didn’t recognise the man who made the company that developed the Ratchet & Clank and Resistance franchises.

A Lengthy Progress Update on Insomniac’s ‘Fuse’

This 18 minute-long video has Insomniac’s head honcho himself, Ted Price, walk us through some of the basic beats of their upcoming shooter, Fuse. It may not look as quirky as the originally pitched ‘Overstrike’ was, but this still looks pretty promising.

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