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BRB UK 560: CyberHunks

Idris Elba joins Keanu Reeves in Night City for Cyberpunk’s steamiest adventure yet

BRB UK 559: Megan Kombat

Megan Fox… she’s as good of a Voice Actor as she is an Actor

BRB UK 558: No Carbs Till Mars

Psycho Killer, Timmy Hibbs? Fa-fa-fa-fa, fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa, better

BRB UK 557: Supernova Heatwave!

Supernova, you think it’s over, but the supernova don’t stop

BRB UK 556: Oh Si!

I was born in a cave and I’ll die in a cave but until then, I’m going to Wrestle with my hands and feet

BRB UK 555: Tim, Get a Steam Deck

Come on Tim, look at all these cool PC games you could be playing on the go

BRB UK 554: Putting & Puttu

Not only can we see Cena but now we can play Golf with him too

BRB UK 553: Pik it Up

Hey look, Nintendo’s done a thing everybody. Let’s all look at the think what they did

BRB UK 552: Front to Back

It’s Homlander, Peacemaker & Omni-Man Vs Kamek, Petey Piranha & Wiggler

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