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BRB UK 128: Specific Time Zone

What ho, ‘ey up and toodle-hi! It’s a slightly shorter episode this week as Tim is off playing with toys (true story) – so join Dan and Coleman as they traverse the week’s news with giddy abandon.

BRB UK 90: Scratchin’ Dominator

Blimey – it looks like BRB UK is officially nonagenarian. That’s posh for we’ve done a lot of episodes.

Elder Scrolls Online – The Voices of Tamriel

The full voice cast for the English version of the Elder Scrolls Online have been announced, and unsurprisingly there’s a few rather well known names in there. Featuring John Cleese, Kate Beckinsale, Bill Nighy, Alfred Molina and Michael Gambon to name just a few. Get to know the people behind the voices and their characters […]

Big Red Barrelcast 14: Not Gooey Enough

E3 is on the horizon which means Dave, Kev and Pacman have to scrape the bottom of the barrel (pun intended) to find things to blabber on about.

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