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BRB UK 581: Fuzzy Fantasy

Blurry visuals and piano mini games abound in the small town of Nibelheim

BRB UK 580: Zigazig YAAAAR!

Batten down the hatches because there’s another pick sailing in from our Ones to Watch

BRB UK 574: Sailing into 2024

Soon may the video games come so we can get and then play some

BRB UK 573: It’s-a Pimp Mario

We’re running though the biggest events in video games that happened throughout 2023

BRB UK 571: Steve Guttenbug

When the bread music starts playing, that means it’s time to stop talking

BRB UK 570: Robo Whiff Waff

That’s the thing about Robots, they tend to be very good at Table Tennis

BRB UK 569: Hairy Greenpeace Incident

Despite all my rage, I am still just a Rat in a dungeon with an ever-expanding backpack

BRB UK 568: The Borking Dead

Super Mario RPG is here (YAY) and so is The Walking Dead: Destinies (BOO)

BRB UK 567: It’s Not a Cult!

Sure, Omni-Man may be powerful but his speed is not quite my Tempo

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