New Switch, Who Dis?

By on 14th July 2019 - Games, Preview

Sikander discusses Nintendo’s recently announced hardware refresh for the Switch and why you might want one.

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What Can We Expect from Remedy’s Control?

By on 13th July 2019 - Games, Preview

Michael looks into what we can expect from Remedy Entertainment’s latest game.

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Review: Stranger Things (Season 3)

By on 13th July 2019 - Review, TV

Sikander returns to Hawkins, just in time to celebrate 4th July with Mike, Will, Max, Lucas, Eleven and Dustin.

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Geek Speak 179: Perfect & Sweet, Covered in Blood

By on 12th July 2019 - Geek Speak, Podcast

We’re got Samurai Showdown, Brightburn, Nailed it! and a whole bunch of weekly geekly news

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BRB UK 351: What a CATANstrophe!

By on 12th July 2019 - Podcast, UK Podcast

Not only do we have an event, games and a new Switch to talk about but we’ve also got Catan… WOOD FOR SHEEP!

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Bad Games, Fond Memories: Digimon World

By on 8th July 2019 - Editorial, Games

Digimon, not only are they digital monsters but they’re also the champions you know

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Review: Spider-Man Far From Home

By on 8th July 2019 - Movies, Review

It’s time for Marvel’s first outing since Endgame but will it wrap us up in a web of amazement… much like a spider can?

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Geek Speak 178: Jo Doesn’t Care For Nathan Fillion

By on 5th July 2019 - Geek Speak, Podcast

Jo, Diarmuid and Alex chat about When They See Us, Jessica Jones, The Good Fight & more!

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