Review: BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

By on 16th July 2018 - Games, Review

Arc System Works have positioned BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle as a welcoming entry for new players while pleasing fans.

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BRB UK 301: Mambo No. 5

By on 13th July 2018 - Podcast, UK Podcast

We’ve got Bomb Chicken, Insane Robots, Assault Gunners HD, All-Star Fruit Racing, Indie Pogo and more on this week’s BRB UK.

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Geek Speak 141: #BanBleezey

By on 13th July 2018 - Geek Speak, Podcast

Alex, Diarmuid, and Bleezey chat Star Wars casting rumours, Tag, Tau, Flight of the Conchords and more!

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Review: Skyscraper

By on 12th July 2018 - Movies, Review

Dwayne Johnson fights a giant, sentient building in Skyscraper… which would have been a much better movie than this clichéd disaster.

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Geek Speak 140: Snitches Get Post Action Reports

By on 11th July 2018 - Geek Speak, Podcast

Amy Hennig leaving EA, Vampyr, The Death of the Superman, Yoku’s Island Express & more!

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BRB UK 300.5: We Did Some Fighting!

By on 11th July 2018 - Podcast, UK Podcast

Bandai Namco invited both Coleman & Tim back to their London office to play some upcoming games… THE FOOLS!

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VRB 01: Shake My Wiggle Wagon

By on 7th July 2018 - Podcast, VRB

All aboard the maiden voyage of the good ship VRB! A safe space for Kev, Diarmuid & Tim to discuss all things VR.

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BRB UK 300: Choose Your Own Podcast

By on 6th July 2018 - Podcast, UK Podcast

It’s time for celebration with the Big Reed Barrel UK Podcast team as they hit 300 episodes!

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Where To Begin: Batman

By on 3rd July 2018 - Comics/Graphic Novels, Editorial

Want to know where to start reading Batman comics? Well then you are in luck. Richard shows you the way of the bat.

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