BRB UK 585: Roll Em Up!

By on 21st March 2024 - Podcast, UK Podcast

Get in Listener… we’re going driving. You can tell it’s a busy week because not only are Dan and Coleman playing Pacific Drive, but Tim also has three games to discuss: Dungeon Drafters, Rainbow Reactor: Fusion, and Little Cities: Bigger. Time Stamps 00:00:00 Start 00:00:10 Intro 00:02:57 Dungeon Drafters 00:14:42 Pacific Drive 00:28:53 Rainbow Reactor:…

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BRB UK 584: Tables, Llamas & Chairs

By on 15th March 2024 - Podcast, UK Podcast

This Sunday John Cena, it’s you and me in…TLC

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BRB UK 583: Segways!

By on 8th March 2024 - Podcast, UK Podcast

Red XIII rides a Chocobo in the lasts Final Fantasy game and that means everything

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BRB UK 582: A Tale of Two Kongs

By on 29th February 2024 - Podcast, UK Podcast

Finally we are, here for you. It’s the latest show, with the Podcast crew

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VRB 08: Fine Crisis

By on 28th February 2024 - Podcast, VRB

We are celebrating PS VR2’s first Birthday with all those first-party exclusives, like…

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BRB UK 581: Fuzzy Fantasy

By on 23rd February 2024 - Podcast, UK Podcast

Blurry visuals and piano mini games abound in the small town of Nibelheim

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BRB UK 580: Zigazig YAAAAR!

By on 15th February 2024 - Podcast, UK Podcast

Batten down the hatches because there’s another pick sailing in from our Ones to Watch

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VRB 07: Historically Accurate Fish

By on 14th February 2024 - Podcast, VRB

If you’re going to get involved with fish chaps, then they had best be accurate

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BRB UK 579: King of the Iron Fish

By on 9th February 2024 - Podcast, UK Podcast

We’re interrogating robots, punching ears and surfing on foam this week

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