Review: Peak Oil

By on 9th January 2019 - Board Games, Review

Peak Oil is a stylish, middleweight worker placement game where you make big bets on the energy technologies of the future using the resources of today

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BRB UK 324: SoujaGame, We Hardly Knew Ye

By on 4th January 2019 - Podcast, UK Podcast

Big Crown Showdown, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Mutant Football League on BRB UK

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Review: Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – The Forgotten Sanctum DLC

By on 3rd January 2019 - Games, Review

PMPB reviews Obsidian’s latest expansion for Pillars of Eternity II

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Geek Speak 157: The Year of the Tush

By on 24th December 2018 - Geek Speak, Podcast

Alex, Jo and Diarmuid lift the Bleezey ban so he can join them for the end of year show. Let’s see off 2018 with some top picks

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BRB UK 323: Merry Cheesemas

By on 21st December 2018 - Podcast, UK Podcast

It’s the end of the road for this year and we’re going to pick out our favourite games of 2018

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Review: Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

By on 16th December 2018 - Games, Review

Rik reviews Game Atelier’s spiritual Wonder Boy successor

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Geek Speak 156: Who Let the Cat Out?

By on 14th December 2018 - Geek Speak, Podcast

Alex, Jo and Diarmuid chat about the new Dragon Age game… yup!

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BRB UK 322: Happy Smashing

By on 14th December 2018 - Podcast, UK Podcast

Oh la la, there’s a bunch of stuff to talk about like The Game Awards, Smash Bros. and Sanic

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Review: Aquaman

By on 13th December 2018 - Movies, Review

Jason Momoa returns as Aquaman for his first solo outing in the DCU but will the hero that can talks to fish sink or swim?

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