Preview: Below

By on 15th April 2014 - Games, Preview

How Capybara’s upcoming adventure game absolutely blew me away.

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Back To School: Talking Games @ Bosworth College

By on 14th April 2014 - Editorial, Games

A couple of months ago I was asked to do a favour for somebody by way of a Q and A session for a class of year 11 media students (that’s sophomore year for you readers across the pond).

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Review: LEGO The Hobbit

By on 14th April 2014 - Games, Review

Traveller’s Tales have done it again; this time our journey back to the beauty of Middle-Earth is laced with dwarf-havoc, newly-expanded exploration and plenty of shiny shiny treasure.

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BRB Boom 69: Skinish

By on 13th April 2014 - Boom, Games, Movies, Podcast

This week, Yoshifett and Smelly are joined by Dave to geek out about Captain America, Frozen, Star Wars, words of the week, Goonies 2 and games to go back to.

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Big Red Barrelcast 51: Hail Hydra!

By on 11th April 2014 - Big Red Barrelcast, Games, Podcast

On this week’s episode, Dave and PacManPolarBear are joined by Rothbart to blabber on about inFAMOUS: Second Son, Van Hassel and the Chinese symbol for bread.

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Nintendo’s Questionable Streak

By on 11th April 2014 - Editorial, Games

Nintendo has made some strange moves in the last few months. Has the gaming giant lost some of its mojo?

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Beginners’ Guide: Football Manager Classic 2014 Tips and Tricks

By on 10th April 2014 - Game Guide, Games

With the fate of your club in your hands (literally), you may have what it takes to succeed… or not. This may help.

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Review: Football Manager Classic 2014

By on 10th April 2014 - Games, Review

Tables loaded with figures and percentages may sound boring – but somehow, Football Manager Classic 2014 manages to make them the most important thing in your life.

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