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Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

By on 10th October 2014 - Games, Review

It would be easy to dismiss Super Smash Bros. for 3DS as an inferior version of its Wii U counterpart, but it could quite possibly be the best game in the series so far.

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Review: Defence Grid 2

By on 9th October 2014 - Games, Review

Defence Grid 2 is tower defence at its best, however it does very little to innovate and push the series forward.

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Assassin’s Creed: Rogue @ EGX

By on 9th October 2014 - Games, Preview

Ubisoft had a playable version of Rogue at EGX 2014, and Rik got to have some much anticipated hands on.

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BRB UK 115 – BRB @ EGX Special

By on 8th October 2014 - Event Coverage, Games, Podcast, UK Podcast

Tim has rounded up Kev and Fake Dan (aka Chris Coleman) in order to deliver a semi-coherent and semi-conclusive summary of EGX

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Until Dawn @ EGX

By on 8th October 2014 - Games, Preview

The playable demo on the show floor of EGX drops you right into the middle of the bloody, horror story of Until Dawn. Make sure you make the right decisions or be Saw in the morning!

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Alien: Isolation @ EGX

By on 7th October 2014 - Event Coverage, Games, Preview

From today many gamers will be attempting escape from Sevastopol and the iconic Xenomorph. Playing Isolation at EGX definitely added me to this list.

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Big Red Barrelcast 67: Butt Slam

By on 6th October 2014 - Big Red Barrelcast, Games, Podcast

On this week’s episode, Pacman, Kev and Dave blabber on about Destiny, Lizard Squad and more Borderlands.

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The Crew @ EGX

By on 3rd October 2014 - Event Coverage, Games, Preview

This year, we are being inundated with racing games to choose from – after his playtime with The Crew at EGX, Diarmuid anticipates a hotly-contested race.

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