BRB @ gamescom: Master of Orion

By on 1st September 2015 - Event Coverage, Games, Preview

During gamescom, Simon was invited to preview the reboot of Master of Orion. Read what he thought!

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Review: Nefarious: The Mad Scientist Game!

By on 1st September 2015 - Board Games, Review

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a mad scientist? Well, you can find out by playing Nefarious!

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Four Directions Metal Gear Could Go Post-Kojima

By on 31st August 2015 - Editorial, Games

The Phantom Pain marks the beginning of the end, but with Konami all but certain to continue the franchise, Socrates has suggestions on where they could go next.

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BRB UK 157: Tim Doesn’t Destiny

By on 31st August 2015 - Games, Podcast, UK Podcast

It’s all hands on deck here at Barrel Towers thanks to the upcoming onslaught of video games being released into the world and upon our senses.

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Review: Broken Sword 5: The Serpents Curse

By on 31st August 2015 - Games, Review

Tim thinks that technology has all but surpassed the point-and-click genre to the point of making it virtually redundant. Does that get your goat, Monsieur?

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Review: Bridge Constructor

By on 29th August 2015 - Games, Review

Bridge Constructor is a game which invoked some mixed – mainly bad – feelings in Jamie as he strove to become a master architect.

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Review: Quantum

By on 29th August 2015 - Board Games, Review

Something about space empire games really appeals to Chris, but he doesn’t always have hours to play one. So he plays Quantum – a smart, tactical space battle that delivers in just 60 minutes

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Volume 2015-08-28 10-57-23-79

Review: Volume

By on 28th August 2015 - Games, Review

Reuben reviews Volume, a sterling sophomore entry into the Bithell Games back catalogue

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Rick and Morty

Why Aren’t You Watching Rick and Morty?

By on 28th August 2015 - Editorial, TV

Like seriously, why not?

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