Big Red Flix 90: The New Hotness

By on 20th August 2014 - Big Red Flix, Movies, Podcast

This week, Dave and Yoshifett are joined by Samusfett to discuss Little Mermaid 2, Yoshi wants to hate Guardians Of The Galaxy and more!

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Review: Glomtom

By on 18th August 2014 - Gadgets, Review

The Glomtom is a clever device that solves a problem you probably didn’t know you had. Diarmuid gives it a test drive.

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BRB UK 112: Peace Pants

By on 18th August 2014 - Games, Podcast, UK Podcast

The BRB podcasting time-space anomaly continues – so Dan, Jon and Tim are talking to you from the past this week. Which means they’ll sound a bit confused about Gamescom not having happened yet, even though it has.

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gamescom 2014: Sony Press Conference

By on 16th August 2014 - Event Coverage, Games

Despite the success of the PlayStation 4, Sony are eager to avoid complacency – their gamescom press conference appears to back up that claim.

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Big Red Barrelcast 62: SH*T IN A THERMOUS

By on 15th August 2014 - Big Red Barrelcast, Games, Podcast

On this week’s episode, Pacman, Kev and Dave blabber on about Pacman’s Vita, Crytek and EA Access.

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gamescom 2014: EA Press Conference

By on 14th August 2014 - Event Coverage, Games

EA have plenty of games for us to be looking forward to this year and next. They are clearly hoping this week’s gamescom press conference will entice us further.

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gamescom 2014: The MGSV gamescom Preview Show

By on 14th August 2014 - Event Coverage, Games

Konami’s gamescom preview event for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has taken place but we are still none the wiser on far too many questions.

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Gfinity G3: eSports Weekend

By on 13th August 2014 - Event Coverage, Games

Gfinity are doing great things for competitive eSports, and G3 was a fantastic showcase of how this global community has grown.

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