Geek Speak 55

Geek Speak 55: Cosplaying Dogs!

By on 19th August 2016 - Geek Speak, Podcast

On this week’s episode of Geek Speak, girls talk about Stranger Things, Batman vs Superman, House, M.D. & LEGO Star Wars.

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Review: Jane Got a Gun

By on 15th August 2016 - Movies, Review

Alex reviews Jane Got a Gun, a western with an unfortunate history of production disasters and cast changes.

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BRB UK 205: Norman’s Sky

By on 15th August 2016 - Games, Podcast, UK Podcast

It’s a new BRB UK with Coleman, Tim & Diarmuid all ready to gush over No Man’s Sky as well as go over the week’s gaming news.

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Geek Speak 54

Geek Speak 54: Drinking with Jai

By on 15th August 2016 - Geek Speak, Podcast

On this episode of Geek Speak, Rik returns with Lauren & Alex to talk about Killing Joke, Suicide Squad & Pandemic Legacy.

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Review: Gotham Season Two – Blu-ray

By on 11th August 2016 - BR/DVD, Review, TV

Holy Blu-rays Batfans! Tim’s reviewed the Gotham season two Blu-ray and you can read it here.

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Review: Torchwood #1

By on 11th August 2016 - Comics/Graphic Novels, Review

Alex reviewed the first issue of new Torchwood comic series. She was left excited and wanting more, despite some problems.

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Review: New York 1901

By on 8th August 2016 - Board Games, Review

Is New York 1901 a great example of a new modern gateway game? Michael has been playing it and isn’t so sure.

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BRB UK 204: All the Batmans!

By on 8th August 2016 - Games, Podcast, UK Podcast

On this week’s BRB UK, Coleman & Tim are joined by Reuben to talk Telltale’s Batman, Gotham, Killing Joke & Arkham Knight.

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Review: Suicide Squad

By on 7th August 2016 - Movies, Review

Rik went to see the third title in DC’s current movie universe, Suicide Squad, and… it left him feeling conflicted.

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