PlayStation VR – Initial Impressions

By on 17th October 2016 - Gadgets, Games, Review

Tim & Diarmuid give their initial thoughts on the PlayStation VR headset, as well as a some of the launch games on the platform.

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BRB UK 214: Virtual Git Rump

By on 14th October 2016 - Podcast, UK Podcast

This week’s episode of BRB UK brings you Dan, Coleman & Tim having a good old natter about PlayStation VR & WWE 2K17.

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Geek Speak 62

Geek Speak 62: Why Do We Play Hard Games?

By on 13th October 2016 - Geek Speak, Podcast

On this Geek Speak, Lauren, Alex and Jo talk Westworld, Manual Samuel & Backyard Cinema.

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Review: Inferno

By on 11th October 2016 - Movies, Review

Diarmuid reviews Inferno, a movie which starts promisingly but quickly becomes a run-of-the-mill thriller.

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Review: Manual Samuel

By on 11th October 2016 - Games, Review

Alex reviews Manual Samuel, a game that made her laugh as much as it made her cry. Play it with friends and watch him suffer

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Review: Dragonwood

By on 10th October 2016 - Board Games, Review

Alex reviews a risk management board and card game, where players fight monsters in a magical forest of Dragonwood.

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BRB UK 213: Flange

By on 8th October 2016 - Podcast, UK Podcast

This week’s episode of the BRB UK sees Dan, Tim & Coleman all have a chat about Aragami PlayStation VR, Tekken 7, Little Nightmares & Flange?

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Review: Luke Cage Season 1

By on 7th October 2016 - Review, TV

Reuben reviews the first season of Luke Cage, a show both elevated and brought down by its comic book origins.

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Preview: World of Final Fantasy

By on 7th October 2016 - Games, Preview

Diarmuid got to play World of Final Fantasy on PlayStation Vita while he was at Square Enix’s offices this week.

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