BRB Geek Speak 17: Now With Creepy Babies

By on 12th October 2015 - Geek Speak, Podcast

Hello! Join us for another episode of BRB Geek Speak where Lauren, Mon and Alex ramble on about everything, including ‘Happy Birthday’ song!

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BRB UK 164: Timamikaze

By on 12th October 2015 - Games, Podcast, UK Podcast

Full house for Team BRB UK, so it’s a good idea to talk some big games like Rainbow Six: Siege, Star Wars: Battlefront, Black Ops III and of course… Destiny.

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tearaway unfolded 1

Review: Tearaway Unfolded

By on 9th October 2015 - Games, Review

Many games today are bleak, gritty and take themselves too seriously. Tearaway Unfolded provides a welcome respite in its colourful world.

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Review: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

By on 9th October 2015 - Games, Review

One of Diarmuid’s favourite video game franchises concludes.

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Best of British at Spiel 2015

By on 7th October 2015 - Board Games, Editorial, Event Coverage

Tim helps pick out some highlights of games from British Designers that are being shown at this year’s Spiel 2015 in Essen, Germany.

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Review: Burger Boss

By on 7th October 2015 - Board Games, Review

Tim’s name is mentioned in the Thank You section of this game so this is basically a biased waste of your time.

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BRB UK 163: Things Not to Google

By on 5th October 2015 - Podcast, UK Podcast

We’ve got Mass Effect rides, Guitar Hero Live, Rock Band 4, Rainbow Six Siege and of course… a little Destiny. All coming up on BRB UK

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EGX 2015: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

By on 5th October 2015 - Event Coverage, Games, Preview

During EGX, Alex played as the assassin Evie Frye and roamed around in the shadows of the Tower of London.

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Review: Blunt Force Trauma

By on 5th October 2015 - Movies, Review

It is fair to say that Blunt Force Trauma lives up to its name. Diarmuid certainly felt it.

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