Tabletop Tuesday: Thronestorm – 21st of August

Where: Loading Bar (Scenario), 97 Stoke Newington Road, N16 8BX London 

What: A celebration of the best board, card and tabletop games with themed nights and prizes – all washed down with awesome gaming cocktails! We feature a new game every week. Each week you can play this new game for free and often have the chance to win a copy just by playing the game throughout the evening.

When: From 8pm until 12pm! But feel free to turn up early and play more games!

Cost: Free entry and games are free to play, just make sure you buy your drinks!

Feature Game: Each week we feature a different game. There is usually the opportunity to win a copy of this game just by playing it on the night. Everyone that plays the feature game is entered into a free prize draw near the end of the evening.

This Week’s Feature Game is: Thronestorm

Coming from the creators of Band Manager: The Boardgame is our next week’s feature game Thronestorm. A ten-minute two-player card game with lots of strategy but quick to learn! Players develop influence around the realm by claiming powerful relics while trying to deny their opponent doing the same. The first player who collects four matching relics wins the game! Designers of the game will also be on hand during the night to teach the game and answer any questions.  As always, one copy of the game will be given to one lucky player at the end of the night!

Last Week: Also don’t forget last few week’s feature game, Iquazu, which will all available to play from now on!

To Play: We have an extensive, ever growing library of over 160 titles including;

0-9:  5047 Wonders7 Wonders Duel8 Minute EmpireA: AbyssAdrenaline, Age of SoccerAndroid: Netrunner,  Android: InfiltrationAndroid: Mainframe,  AnomiaAgricolaArkham HorrorB: Band Manager: Backstage ClashBattlestar GalacticaBeyond Baker Street, Bill & Ted’s Excellent BoardgameBlack FleetBoss MonsterBoss Monster 2: The Next LevelBurger Boss, C: Camel UpCartmundi Poker Set, Cartmundi’s Shuffle Card Game Series, CarcassonneCarcassonne: Winter EditionCa$h ‘n’ GunsCatanCelestia, Century:Spice RoadCitadels ,Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board GameCockroach PokerCodenamesColt ExpressCortex ChallengeCosta RicaCrokinoleCube QuestCypherD: Dark MoonDark Souls: The Board GameD&D: Attack WingDeadfellasDead of WinterDice CityDice Forge, Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-Man and World’s FinestDiscworld: Ankh-MorporkDodekkaDoomtown: ReloadedDouble PlayDixit, Dixit Odyssey, DobbleDominionDragonwood, Dungeon RollE:  Elder Sign, ElysiumEmojitoEurobabbleF: Final Fantasy: Trading Card Game, Five TribesForbidden Desert, Frenzi, (Monty Python) Fluxx, Fruit Salad,  Fury of Dracula, G: Gang Up!, Game of Thrones: The Card GameGame of Thrones: Westeros IntrigueGame of TrainsGalaxy TruckerGears of War: The Board GameGhost StoriesGobbit Angry Birds,  Greedy WizardsGuards of AtlantisH: HanabiHit Z RoadHiveHexAgonyHey, That’s My Fish!HistrioThe HobbitHomeland: The Game I:  Ice CoolIn A Bind, Ion,  J: Jazz: The Singing Card GameJungle SpeedJungle Speed SafariJustice League Strategy GameK:  KanagawaKarate Fight, Karuba, King of New YorkKing of TokyoKingdom Builder,  King Frog, Krosmaster Arena, L: Legendary Inventors, Lift it!LibriumLondon Taxi,  The Lord of the Rings: Journey to MordorLove Letter,  Love Letter: BatmanLegends of the Three KingdomsLords of War: Orcs versus DwarvesLords of War: Elves versus LizardmenLuchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice,  M: Machi KoroMars Attacks Ten Minute TakedownMarvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron, MascaradeMight and Magic: HeroesMr Lister’s Quiz ShootoutMunchkinMunchkin LegendsMystic ValeMysteriumN:  Nefarious,  Android: Netrunner,  Neuroshima Hex! 3.0New Angeles, New York 1901O: OK PlayOm Nom Nom, P: PandemicPints of BloodPlague Inc: The Board GamePokémon Trading Card GamePokémon TCG: XY – Steam Siege ExpansionQ: Quadropolis, Quests of Valeria, R: Rainbow RageRaise Your Goblets, RampageThe ResistanceResident Evil Deck Building GameRealm of WonderRelic RunnersRex: Final Days of an EmpireRoll For The GalaxyRory’s Story Cubes: Batman, Ruination Battle CardsRush & Bash,  S:  ScrawlThe Settlers of CatanSeventh HeroSheriff of NottinghamSmall WorldSnake OilThe Sock Game,  SopioSomething DifferentSpector Ops, SplendorStar Trek: CatanStar Trek: Attack WingStar RealmsStar Wars: The Card GameStory WarSUPERHOT Card Game,  Super RhinoDescent (2nd Edition),  Space Cadets: Dice DuelSpyfallStar Wars Armada, Star War: X-Wing Miniatures Game,   Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game: The Force AwakensStreet Fighter: Deck Building GameSummoner Wars: The Master SetT: TakenokoTash-KalarThem’s Fightin’ Words!, Thunderbirds, Ticket to RideTicket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 2 – India & Switzerland,  Timeline: British HistoryTimelineTimeline: Star WarsTsuro of the Seas, U, V, W:  Voilà!, Waggle DanceThe Walking Dead Card GameThe Walking Dead: The Board GameWarhammer: DiskwarsWe DetectivesWerewolfOne Night Ultimate WerewolfWibbell++Wonky Blocks,  X, Y, Z:  XCOM: The Board GameX-Tiles, Yamatai, ZoolorettoZombicideZombie Dice.

Recent additions:

The Cousins’ War, Oh Captain!, Werewords, Word Slam, Bananagrams, Gobbit, Spyfall 2, HMS Dolores, Gobblin’ Goblins, Whitehall MysteryArkham Horror: The Card Game, Tatsu, Vudu, Reef Route, Dream On!, When I Dream, Travel Ominoes, Yogi, SecretsHive Pocket, Rhino Hero, Contrast and Cortex Challenge 2. 

New for 2018: Bloodborne: The Card Game, Azul, Rocket Race, NMBR 9, Pandemic: Rising Tide, Abalone, Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne, Lazer Ryderz,  Unlock 2, The Grizzled, Push ItLightseekers TCG, 221B Baker Street: The Master Detective Game, Tetris Dual,  Hare & Tortoise, Majesty: For the Realm, Cobra Paw, Century: Golem Edition, Forest of Fate, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong,  Shards of Infinity, KLASK, DecryptoAttack of the Jelly Monster, Revenge of the Dictators, Star Realms: Colony Wars, Kuruba, Starship Samurai, Quirk!, Adventure Land Wibell ++ Variants Mickell and Muckell.

You may have seen Tabletop Tuesday and Loading Bar featured on Episode 6 of 2014’s BBC’s The Apprentice. You can read more about that here!

See‘s Twitter and Facebook page for further details on a week by week basis. You can also sign up to receive further details from our Tabletop Tuesday Meetup Group.

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