TtT: Allegra – 3rd October 2023

Join us every Tuesday and (most weeks) you could win a copy of the feature game just by trying it on the night!

Please note that the bar has moved location (from Dalston) and is now nearer Stoke Newington station.


What: A celebration of the best board, card and tabletop games with themed nights and prizes – all washed down with awesome gaming cocktails! We usually feature a new game every week. Each week you can play this new game for free and usually have the chance to win a copy just by playing the game throughout the evening.

When: From 8pm until 12pm! But feel free to turn up early and play more games! (Feel welcome to turn up earlier, there are usually people playing from 7pm.)

Where: 129 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 0PH

Cost: Free entry and games are free to play, just make sure you buy your drinks!

Feature Game: Most weeks we feature a different game. There is usually the opportunity to win a copy of this game just by playing it on the night. Everyone that plays the feature game is entered into a free prize draw near the end of the evening.

This Week’s Feature Game is: Allegra

A maths puzzle that can be solved co-operatively or competitively, Allegra is a quick to play game for up to 6 players. Seems easy to get to grips with at first with some strategic depth and should add up to a fun game!

Join us on Tuesday and you could win a copy just by trying it out on the night!

Last Week’s Feature Game was: Obey the Clay

Cracking clay, Gromit! Obey the Clay is a team based party game that challenges players to make items out of clay against the clock. Infused with the comedy and creativity of Aardman Animation’s greatest clay creations, it should morph into a grand day out for all involved – even if you are wearing the wrong trousers!

Don’t chicken out! Join us and you could win your own copy of the game just by playing this Tuesday.

Previous Week’s Feature Game was: True Crime Stories

Do you think you would make a great detective? Do you think you would be the “I” in CSI? Then do we have a feature game for you! True Crime STories tasks you with piecing clues together to solve real life crimes (don’t worry they have already been solved, so no pressure – this isn’t a sign that badly understaffed police forces have found a way to outsource their work!)

Join us and you could solve a crime and win your own copy of the game!

Previous Week’s Feature Game was: Cóatl The Card Game

Cóatl The Card Game tasks players with making the most impressive serpent (or Cóatl) paintings so that you will get the honour of painting the Aztec temple walls. It is an abstract strategy puzzle game for 1-4 people. We have had the board game as one of our feature games previously and are pleased to return to the world of competitive serpent painting.

Snake your way over to join us on Tuesday and you could win your very own copy to decorate the walls of your own home.

Previous Week’s Feature Game was: Herd Mentality: Moosic & Moovies

What is better than a fun party game for 4–10 people designed around making sure your answers are the same as everyone else’s? Well, how about: than a fun party game for 4–10 people designed around making sure your answers are the same as everyone else’s, with questions all based on music and movies with a gold cow and solid gold cow based puns?! (That was the same answer you got right?)

Join us on Tuesday and you can be part of the cow crowd that can win a copy just by playing. Best not to go against the herd!

Previous Week’s Feature Game was: Connecting London

Another special event this week! Not only do we have Connecting London as this week’s feature game, but we also have the creator, the lovely Andrew Harman of Yay Games, to help show off and teach the game. In Connecting London, 2–6 Players can take a quick 20 minute journey linking London’s landmarks and famous stations.

As an extra special treat we will also be showcasing an early copy of Andrew’s upcoming game Fast Track – another TFL based game being published by the fine folks over at Gibson Games.

Travel to Loading Bar in Stoke Newington on Tuesday and you could win your own copy of Connecting London to journey home with.

Previous Week’s Feature Game was: Happy City

A simple city builder, allowing everyone easy access at the ground floor of fun! Collect cards, build your town and make your citizens happy to score more. Quick to play at less than 30 minutes for up to 5 people. Everyone still loves Machi Koro – and this seems to be built in a similar way, so should keep fans of that happy too!

Join us on Tuesday and you could make yourself happy by building your own gaming collection by possibly

Previous Week’s Special Event was: International Bez Day!

Come help us celebrate International Bez Day! We will be joined by prolific Games Designer, the lovely Bez Shahriari, of games publisher Stuff by Bez.

We have had a number of International Bez Day events over the years, but this is the first time we have been able to host an event on the 1st of August itself – the actual date of International Bez Day!

We will be focusing on A game about Cute Comical Creatures and trying to identify them after someone makes noises and A game about auctioning cubes after winning an auction to become the auctioneer. There will be prizes and a chance to purchase Stuff By Bez games (possible at a discount price.)

Previous Week’s Feature Game: Match 5

Ain’t no party like a Match 5 party! A dice rolling, quick to play party game for 2 to 8 people. Name a common link between two concepts and score more points for the more popular answers.

Previous Week’s Feature Game: Betta

What is better than than working in Bette’s pet shop? Well, that will be she has incentivised you to work even better by gamifying your employment. In this abstract puzzle strategy game, you are tasked with creating attractive displays for the fish you are selling.

Quick to play (in around 20 minutes) and plays up to 5 people,.

Previous Week’s Feature Game: Sushi Go Party!

Ain’t no party like a Sushi Go Party! This week’s feature game is highly rated and widely loved extension to the Sushi Go menu! The Party version allows for up to eight people to sample the sushi related card set collection and drafting game in one sitting!

Should make for an excellent evening and a great game for both long-term Tabletop Tuesday adventurers and new people looking to get introduced to tasty new games. Join in the fun and you could win a copy just by sampling a taste of the game throughout the evening.

Previous Week’s Feature Game: Kingdomino Origins

Kingdomino has been a much loved series of games that started in 2016 and has spawned a number of sequels, but is now back with a prequel in Kingdominio Origins – okay, it isn’t really a prequel as such and it isn’t really an origin story – but it does go back to the beginning – way, way back to the days of Cave-men and Cave-women. Really easy to get to grips with as it has three separate modes that can be played one at a turn as you learn the different levels of complexity – but all three modes are fun anyway. Join us on Tuesday and this could be the origin story of how you found you new favourite game!

Previous Week’s Feature Game: Forbidden Island

I don’t know why we keep on coming back to this island – not only is it Forbidden, but every time I come here it seems to be sinking! And after Loading had buildings crashing to the ground around it, this seems like a fitting game to make our return. We have had it as our feature game before, but it was a number of years ago and it still remains a perennial favourite.

Join us and you could unearth the treasured prize of your own copy to haul home with you on Tuesday evening!

Previous Week’s Feature Game was: Coatl

SNAKES!! Snakes of a plain…old table! Prove your high suitability of the upcoming election for a new High Priest in this abstract puzzle game for up to 4 players. Do so by building the most valuable serpents (or Coatl) structures. The player with the three prettiest (or best) snakes takes the position of High Priest – and can then kill their opponents with poison darts (this isn’t part of the game but I just thought I would raise the stakes on the snakes! – Please note that I legally obliged to point out that Loading Bar does not condone the poisoning of game winners or losers no matter how much of a sore loser you are.)

Join us this Tuesday and you could win yourself a whole set of snakes and get to go home with a copy of Coatl. Mine, mine all Mayan!

Previous Week’s Feature Game: Oceans

A part of the award winning Evolution series, Oceans is a beautiful, engine building game centring around marine life. You must adapt and overcome the many challenges set out before you from an ever-changing ecosystem to deadly predators.

While it is a little long for our events, it looked too good to miss – so we may have trial games that limit how long games go for – just so we can make sure everyone gets a chance to play. Should make for a great night and a great prize, so make sure you join us.

Previous Week’s Feature Games: Chicken Vs Hotdog

There are epic battles every week at Tabletop Tuesday – magic vs dragons, monsters vs robots, ninjas vs pirates, pandas vs gardeners are all standard fair but this week we can settle one of the battles of the ages – who comes out on top in Chicken Vs Hotdog?!

A game of flipping object, pitting two teams against each other, bidding on challenges and racing towards completing challenges successfully. A flippin’ good time is pretty much guaranteed but if you are lucky you could walk away with your very own Chicken and Hotdog and can continue the epic battle in the safety of your own home.

Museum Suspects

One of our dinosaurs is missing! Or perhaps some ancient artefacts or historical keepsakes – at any rate they have been stolen! Thief–ed! Half-inched by some neerdowell or miscreant! I know I shouldn’t profile based on looks alone – but all I can say that is a very suspiciously guilty looking chicken!

Use your detective skills to work out if we have successfully corned the culprit in the museum lockdown. 2-4 Players, quick and easy to play, you have no excuse not to play – unless it is YOU who are the guilty party! You will be guilty of missing out on a fun night if you don’t join us.

OK Play

A game we have had as a few of our previous feature games – OK Play is one of my go-to games for whenever someone asks me for a quick to learn, fun to play game (my other go-to being the equally awesome but very different, Timeline.)

Basically, OK Play is quite like Connect 4 without a board – except you have to get five in a row but can play with up to four players. Fun, easy to learn and can possibly be won for free just for coming along and playing – no excuse not to say “Ok Play” this Tuesday!

Unmatched: Hell’s Kitchen

Our Halloween Special event is taking place on the extra spooky Tuesday 32nd October (aka 1st November) and we have a hell of a game! Unmatched is a very highly rated game and we have the Hell’s Kitchen version (featuring the Halloween themed appropriate Daredevil alongside opponents Electra and Bullseye) and also be showcasing Unmatched: Battle Legends Vol 2 (featuring the Halloween themed appropriate Bloody Mary and Friends!)

It is a really highly rated game (an 8.5 on BGG) and should make for a really fun evening. Playing either game will give you a chance of winning a copy of the game at the end of the evening.

Love Letter

It is that time of the year again when Spring is in the air and cupid is readying his bow just in time for Valent… WHAT?! It isn’t mid-February already? Huh! I guess we are ahead of schedule on this one, while also being about 10 years late! Love Letter is a popular modern classic that has spawned many variants and while we have some, such as the Marvel Love Letter version in the bar, we will be returning to the original classic version.

Try and deduce the best way to get your love letter to the princess. Play on Tuesday and you could win a copy just by playing on the night!

Meeple Land

All the people love a meeple! – and for the small amount of people unfamiliar with the term, a “meeple” is just a human shaped small piece of (normally) wood used to represent a player (or people under control of the player) in a variety of games. Meeple Land as the name suggests is worrying, as it seems to indicate that the meeples have become sentient and taking over – but fear not! It turns out Meeple Land is just a funfair amusement park where meeples like to hang out.

2-4 Players take 45 minutes to battle it out to see who’s meeples have the best time in their respective funfairs. Sounds like an ideal game for Tabletop Tuesday. Join us for a fair bit of fun, a good quantity of meeples and the chance to take your own copy home.

Keyforge: Worlds Collide

Keyforge was one of my favourite games of recent years and I was very sad when it looked liked it was being retired – great news then that it was picked up by Ghost Galaxy. To help celebrate the recent launch of their crowdfunding campaign of the latest sets (Keyforge: Winds of Exchange) we are having an event for one of their previous sets, Keyforge: Worlds Collide.

A game I know reasonably well and a good game to be taught rather than having to learn all the rules from scratch. We will have multiple sets of (unique) decks of cards to be won on the night and some extra special prizes too.

Next Station London

Choo Choo mofo! Us gamers LOVE a game about trains – even when they are underground or overground (but not when Wombling free!) Next Station London is the latest flip-and-write card game from the acclaimed and prolific friend of Tabletop Tuesday, Matthew Dunstan. A once (semi-) frequent guest at our events for some of his previous games, Matthew has now moved to the Czech Republic, so we will excuse him not commuting in for this one!

Quick to play for up to four people with some additions that act as mini-expansions for extended replayability, should make for a fun night. Come jump on board and you could be travelling home with your very own copy!

Living Forest

Winner of the 2022 Kennerspiel des Jahres, you are tasked with saving the forest from the flames of Onibi. Playing as a nature spirit, an animal guardian, who must try pushing your luck and utilising deck, bag and pool building to help defend the Sacred Tree from fire damage.

Highly rated, really pretty, 1-4 players and at 40 minutes playing time, I expect this to be really popular with regulars and new gamers alike. If you come down to the woods today (or on Tuesday) you are in for a Big surprise!

New for 2022: The Quacks of Quedlinberg“, Swatch, BrikksSeize the Power (Prototype), Tokyo Jidohanbaiki, Jurassic World Shuffle & Magnificent BarStars (Prototype)

To Play: We have an extensive, ever growing library of over 100 titles including; (N.B: A large portion of the games listed below are now available to play at the Peckham location.)
0-9: 504, 7 Wonders, 7 Wonders Duel, 8 Minute Empire, A: Abyss, Adrenaline, Age of Soccer, Android: Netrunner, Android: Infiltration, Android: Mainframe, Anomia, Agricola, Arkham HorrorArkham Horror: The Card Game, B: Bananagrams, Band Manager: Backstage Clash, Battlestar Galactica, Beyond Baker Street, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Boardgame, Black Fleet, Boss Monster, Boss Monster 2: The Next Level, Burger Boss, C: Camel Up, Cartmundi Poker Set, Cartmundi’s Shuffle Card Game Series, Carcassonne, Carcassonne: Winter Edition, Ca$h ‘n’ Guns, Catan, Celestia, Century:Spice Road, CitadelsSid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game, Cockroach Poker, Codenames, Colt ExpressContrastCortex ChallengeCortex Challenge 2, Costa RicaThe Cousins’ War, Crokinole, Cube Quest, Cypher, D: Dark Moon, Dark Souls: The Board Game, D&D: Attack Wing, Deadfellas, Dead of Winter, Dice City, Dice Forge, Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-Man and World’s Finest, Discworld: Ankh-Morpork, Dodekka, Doomtown: Reloaded, Double Play, Dixit, Dixit Odyssey, Dobble, Dominion, Dragonwood, Dream On!, Dungeon Roll, E: Elder Sign, Elysium, Emojito, Eurobabble, F: Final Fantasy: Trading Card Game, Five Tribes, Forbidden Desert, Frenzi, (Monty Python) Fluxx, Fruit Salad, Fury of Dracula, G: Gang Up!, Game of Thrones: The Card Game, Game of Thrones: Westeros Intrigue, Game of Trains, Galaxy Trucker, Gears of War: The Board Game, Ghost StoriesGobbitGobbit Angry BirdsGobblin’ GoblinsGreedy Wizards, Guards of Atlantis, H: Hanabi, Hit Z Road, HexAgony, Hey, That’s My Fish!, HistrioHiveHive PocketHMS DoloresThe Hobbit, Homeland: The Game I: Ice Cool, In A Bind, Ion, J: Jazz: The Singing Card Game, Jungle Speed, Jungle Speed Safari, Justice League Strategy Game, K: Kanagawa, Karate Fight, Karuba, King of New York, King of Tokyo, Kingdom Builder, King Frog, Krosmaster Arena, L: Legendary Inventors, Lift it!, Librium, London Taxi, The Lord of the Rings: Journey to Mordor, Love Letter, Love Letter: Batman, Legends of the Three Kingdoms, Lords of War: Orcs versus Dwarves, Lords of War: Elves versus Lizardmen, Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice, M: Machi Koro, Mars Attacks Ten Minute Takedown, Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron, Mascarade, Might and Magic: Heroes, Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout, Munchkin, Munchkin Legends, Mystic Vale, Mysterium, N: Nefarious, Android: Netrunner, Neuroshima Hex! 3.0, New Angeles, New York 1901, O: Oh Captain!OK Play, Om Nom NomOne Night Ultimate WerewolfP: Pandemic, Pints of Blood, Plague Inc: The Board Game, Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon TCG: XY – Steam Siege Expansion, Q: Quadropolis, Quests of Valeria, R: Rainbow Rage, Raise Your Goblets, RampageReef RouteThe Resistance, Resident Evil Deck Building Game, Realm of Wonder, Relic Runners, Rex: Final Days of an EmpireRhino HeroRoll For The Galaxy, Rory’s Story Cubes: Batman, Ruination Battle Cards, Rush & Bash, S: ScrawlSecrets, The Settlers of Catan, Seventh Hero, Sheriff of Nottingham, Small World, Snake Oil, The Sock Game, Sopio, Something Different, Spector Ops, Splendor, Star Trek: Catan, Star Trek: Attack Wing, Star Realms, Star Wars: The Card Game, Story War, SUPERHOT Card Game, Super Rhino, Descent (2nd Edition), Space Cadets: Dice Duel, SpyfallSpyfall 2Star Wars Armada, Star War: X-Wing Miniatures Game, Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game: The Force Awakens, Street Fighter: Deck Building Game, Summoner Wars: The Master Set, T: Takenoko, Tash-KalarTatsuThem’s Fightin’ Words!, Thunderbirds, Ticket to Ride, Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 2 – India & Switzerland, Timeline: British History, Timeline, Timeline: Star WarsTravel OminoesTsuro of the Seas, U, V, W: Voilà!,  Waggle Dance, The Walking Dead Card Game, The Walking Dead: The Board Game, Warhammer: Diskwars, We Detectives, Werewolf, WerewordsWhen I DreamWhitehall MysteryWibbell++, Wonky BlocksWord Slam,  X, Y, Z: XCOM: The Board Game, X-Tiles, YamataiYogi, Zooloretto, Zombicide, Zombie Dice.

Recent additions:

New for 2018: Bloodborne: The Card Game, Azul, Rocket Race, NMBR 9, Pandemic: Rising Tide, Abalone, Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne, Lazer Ryderz,  Unlock 2, The Grizzled, Push ItLightseekers TCG, 221B Baker Street: The Master Detective Game, Tetris Dual,  Hare & Tortoise, Majesty: For the Realm, Cobra Paw, Century: Golem Edition, Forest of Fate, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong,  Shards of Infinity, KLASK, DecryptoAttack of the Jelly Monster, Revenge of the Dictators, Star Realms: Colony Wars, Kuruba, Starship SamuraiQuirk!, Adventure LandIquazu, Thronestorm, The Agents, Kumo Hogosha, Cortex Challenge 3, Big Trouble in Little China, Unstable Unicorns, Peak Oil, Rhino Hero Super Battle, Startups, Pyramid of the Sun, Senryaku, Pocket Mars, Rick and Morty: The Ricks Must Be Crazy Multiverse Game, Mystic ScROLLS, Dragon Ball Super Card Game,  Nine Worlds, Animal Upon Animal and all the games that made up our end of year Christmas Special, including; Century: Eastern Wonders, Frutti di Mare: Veni, Vidi, Antipasti!Galaxy Federation Wrestling, Rising Sun and Realm of Wonder.

New for 2019: Hero Realms, Century: Eastern Wonders  Coimbra, Keyforge, Triplock,  Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game – Marvel Studios, Phase 1, Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War, 8Bit Box, Fallout: The Boardgame, Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger, Timeline: Science Museum,Forbidden Sky (+ New Island and Desert), Color AddictOK Play!, Weird Things That Humans Search For!, Deep Sea Adventure, Startups, Insider, Magic the Gathering: War of the Spark,Honeycombs,Crystal Hall, Stratego, Just One,How to Rob a Bank, Chronicles of Crime,Caper, Monkey Temple, Exploriana,Forbidden City, Rollet, PucketEinstein Eats Eggs, Wordsmithery, Ticket To Ride: London, Mind the Gap, High Society, Dwarven Beerfest, Welcome to Dino World, Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write, Itchy Monkey, Bad Bones, Disney Villainous: Wicked to the Core, Disney Villainous: Evil Comes Prepared, Team3, Super Punch Fighter, Zonkers, Jaws & Megacity: OceaniaInuit: The Snow Folk, Sushi Roll, The MindTokyo Jutaku, Dice Academy, Catan: Starfarers.

New for 2020: Kodachi, Keyforge: Worlds Collide, God of War: The Card Game, Kingdomino, Deep Blue, Pixit, Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter, Oh My God, Stacy! & Quirky Circuits!

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