TtT: Ancient Knowledge – 16th April 2024

This Week’s Feature Game: Ancient Knowledge

Players of Ancient Knowledge are tasked with using card-drafting to preserve the totality of all human knowledge (so no pressure!) Players must construct monuments and artefacts to pass down exceptional knowledge that has survived the ages and pass on the legacy to future generations. (So, again, no biggie!)

Fortunately, the only real pressure players are under is preserve the knowledge that you need to join us this coming Tuesday for your chance to win a copy of the game just by trying it out on the night.

Previous Week’s Feature Game: Mycelia

I HATE mushrooms – well, at least eating mushrooms, but you wouldn’t want to eat the mushrooms in Mycelia, just look how cute these little mushrooms are! What I LOVE though, is a good strategic deck building game and that is what Mycleia is – with added bag and pool building!

Looks cute and good – a winning combo for a great boardgame and you could win a copy just by coming along and trying out the game this Tuesday.

Please note that the bar has moved location (from Dalston) and is now nearer Stoke Newington station.


What: A celebration of the best board, card and tabletop games with themed nights and prizes – all washed down with awesome gaming cocktails! We usually feature a new game every week. Each week you can play this new game for free and usually have the chance to win a copy just by playing the game throughout the evening.

When: From 8pm until 12pm! But feel free to turn up early and play more games! (Feel welcome to turn up earlier, there are usually people playing from 7pm.)

Where: 129 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 0PH

Cost: Free entry and games are free to play, just make sure you buy your drinks!

Feature Game: Most weeks we feature a different game. There is usually the opportunity to win a copy of this game just by playing it on the night. Everyone that plays the feature game is entered into a free prize draw near the end of the evening.

Join us every Tuesday and (most weeks) you could win a copy of the feature game just by trying it on the night!

New for 2024: Herd Mentality, Flesh & BloodBlock Party, Klask, Klask 4, Honeycombs, & Jaws

New for 2023: Living Forest, Next Station London, Keyforge: Worlds Collide, Meeple Land, Love Letter, Unmatched: Hell’s Kitchen, OK Play, Museum SuspectsChicken Vs Hotdog, Oceans, Coatl, Forbidden Island, Kingdomino Origins, Sushi Go Party!, Betta, Match 5, A game about Cute Comical Creatures and trying to identify them after someone makes noises, A game about auctioning cubes after winning an auction to become the auctioneer, Happy City, Connecting London, Herd Mentality: Moosic & Moovies, Cóatl The Card Game, True Crime StoriesObey the ClayAllegraMagic The Gathering: Starter Kit, P for Pizza, Phantom Ink, Kittin, Catstronauts, Tinderblox, Hitster, Flesh & Blood, You Can’t Say Umm, 20 Second Showdown

New for 2022: The Quacks of Quedlinberg“, Swatch, BrikksSeize the Power (Prototype), Tokyo Jidohanbaiki, Jurassic World Shuffle & Magnificent BarStars (Prototype)

To Play: We have an extensive, ever growing library of over 100 titles including; (N.B: A large portion of the games listed below are now available to play at the Peckham location.)

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