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Rising Star Games Interview – EGX 2016

Lauren caught up with Samuel Elphic while at EGX 2016, to discuss Rising Star Games’ lineup of titles. Click to Subscribe ►

Brut@l Interview – EGX 2016

From the NEC arena at 2016’s EGX, Geek Speak’s Lauren met up with Richard Wood of Stormcloud Games to have a chat about Brut@l. Click to Subscribe ►

International Tabletop Day – Saturday 30th April 2016

Details for BRB’s International Tabletop Day Event

International Tabletop Day 2015

International Tabletop Day is upon us! This Saturday 11th April, Big Red Barrel and Loading are celebrating the event that helped spark Tabletop Tuesday into existence!

Tabletop Tuesday Makes an Appearance on The Apprentice

Last night’s episode six of BBC’s The Apprentice saw the two teams compete to create and sell a board game. Tabletop Tuesday was invited as a group to give some feedback on one of these games.

EGX Gets Bigger, Redder and Better

Not content with just providing the best coverage of London’s premier video game expo, this year BRB have taken the plunge and will be rolling out the barrel onto the EGX show floor itself!

CONTEST: WIN! Trials Fusion on PS4

Thanks to the fine people at RedLynx and Ubisoft, you can enjoy all the craziness of being an avid, adventurous Trial biking daredevil without the lengthy downtime and expensive hospital bills.

Faster Than Life at the Scottish Car Show 2014 – the Highlight Video

Couldn’t make it to The Scottish Car Show? Relax – our turbocharged video of the vastly successful Faster Than Life gaming section has you covered!

Save 15% Off Age of Soccer With Big Red Barrel

Team up with Big Red Barrel to give yourself a clear goal scoring opportunity to shoot and save yourself 15% off of Age of Soccer.

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