BRB @ E3: Sony Press Conference Liveblog

Sony are wrapping up the first day of E3 2013 with their press conference – and it’ll be interesting to see how the PS4 stacks up against the Xbox One and what Sony have planned to keep the Vita going. I also predict they’ll reveal the PS4 and that it’ll be a black, shiny box. You heard it here first.

The Sony Press Conference will start at 5.30pm Pacific / 8.30pm Eastern / 1.30am UK (+1 day) on Monday June 10th – and we’ll be liveblogging every moment of it right here at BRB.

[tminus t= “11-06-2013 01:30:00″ omitweeks=”true”]Event happening now! Check the liveblog below for the latest news.[/tminus]

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  1. Dangerous Brian

    It looks like a late night for this one…

  2. Aurochs

    Ahoyhoy, joining in a bit late in the party, but lets see what Sony has to say for themselves.
    Didn’t think Microsoft did themselves any particular favours, so realistically, Sony just have to not fuck up and I’m still fairly sold on the PS4!

  3. Dangerous Brian

    Give Microsoft credit, they didn’t completely suck…

  4. Aurochs

    I was thoroughly unimpressed, to the point where I was more convinced, if there were any doubt,I am not part of the target audience for the xbone.

  5. Dangerous Brian

    That’s because we already have devices for watching TV, we call them TVs

    Wasn’t this supposed to start 15 minutes ago?

  6. Aurochs

    Very true indeed
    Just preamble, the actual event starts at 2.

  7. Dangerous Brian

    Ah, but shouldn’t there be something displayed, even if its just a black screen that says video will start here?

    It might not have loaded properly otherwise

  8. Probably still trying to find a feed worthy of watching – and doesn’t bore them to death with pre-show ramble.

  9. Dangerous Brian

    Thanks for the info.

    Side note, I think Vincent might like The Tester…

  10. Aurochs

    Classic, my stream crapped out right in time for the opening… Here we go though!

  11. Aurochs

    Is that the sound of the disk tray spinning in the background?

  12. Dangerous Brian

    Nope, still nothing. I’m heading over to Twitch it seems…

  13. Vincent

    It seems those pesky Helghasts have taken over Sony’s stream…

  14. Dangerous Brian

    Its still better than The Xbox One reveal

  15. Aurochs

    That did NOT sound like Mark Hamill 🙁

  16. Dangerous Brian

    Wow, another games console that looks like a video player…

  17. Aurochs

    ‘The type of entertainment gamers want and love’

    • That wasn’t really a complaint. They spent the perfect amount of time showing us that they do those tv things as well without forcing it on us. The games we’ve just seen look interesting in one way or another as well!

  18. Dangerous Brian

    Are they literally making the same mistake Microsoft did and insisting on TV services?!

  19. Dangerous Brian

    OMG they said RED BARRELS!!

  20. Dangerous Brian

    FF XV, shut up and take my money!

  21. Aurochs

    There you have it folks, Sony win. By a long, long mile.

  22. Aurochs

    Aaaand now they’ve double won. Should probably get to bed now, given that it’s light outside…

  23. Dangerous Brian


  24. Someone

    PS4 looks very good though I have to admit, it’s mainly in comparison to the Xbox One. It’s really weird when NOT having draconic DRM on your console starts to sound like a feature. I’m definitely excited for it, though.

    Infamous Second Son trailer has me pumped for the game, Infamous is a pretty good series and Second Son looks beautiful with some really great voice acting. Beyond Two Souls is… weird, but that’s Quantic Dream for you, I liked Heavy Rain so I’m expecting that I’ll enjoy this. Final Fantasy Versus XIII or FFXV or whatever it’s called actually looks amazing in my opinion, but I’m not sure if it’s a PS4 exclusive (though I guess at this point exclusives don’t matter since I’m not interested in the Xbone anyway). The Order could be good, Santa Monica has a good reputation but I have to be honest that I’m iffy on the art style. Victorian steampunk/magitech can be cool, but it can also get over-designed and tacky very quickly and this game looks like it’s getting a bit too close to that.

    All in all, looks very good at $399.

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