BRB @ E3: Sony Press Conference Liveblog

Sony are wrapping up the first day of E3 2013 with their press conference – and it’ll be interesting to see how the PS4 stacks up against the Xbox One and what Sony have planned to keep the Vita going. I also predict they’ll reveal the PS4 and that it’ll be a black, shiny box. You heard it here first.

The Sony Press Conference will start at 5.30pm Pacific / 8.30pm Eastern / 1.30am UK (+1 day) on Monday June 10th – and we’ll be liveblogging every moment of it right here at BRB.

[tminus t= “11-06-2013 01:30:00″ omitweeks=”true”]Event happening now! Check the liveblog below for the latest news.[/tminus]

There’s no need to refresh this page – new musings from BRB staff will appear automatically.

Vincent June 11, 20135:47 pm

I feel like my comment about how Jack Tretton was going to stab someone during the press conference was pretty spot on all things considered.

Rik June 11, 20134:10 am

I scared to go to sleep unless I wake up to find it’s a dream.

Vincent June 11, 20134:06 am

I will probably never be as excited about a new console as much as I am right now.

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20134:05 am

Even at my most hopeful I would have never imagined no always online, no used game restrictions, ps3 back catalog access, PS+ carrying over and staying the same price? Plus a free game to start? Just wow

Vincent June 11, 20134:05 am

I have never been so excited for a console launch.

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20134:04 am

I’m just stunnned

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20134:03 am

Holy shit was not expecting that at all

Rik June 11, 20134:02 am


Vincent June 11, 20134:02 am


Rik June 11, 20134:02 am

If the price for the PS4 is lower than the Xbox One I’ll pretend to attempt a back flip out of pure joy.

Vincent June 11, 20134:00 am

Sony needs to stop talking because my little brain can’t even handle this anymore.

Vincent June 11, 20133:59 am

Destiny looks great!

Rik June 11, 20133:58 am

Destiny looks fantastic, but this demo’s been going on for ages now.

Rik June 11, 20133:52 am

It’s so nice to see a company like Sony learning from their mistakes.

Vincent June 11, 20133:50 am

I could never have imagined that Sony would do this good of a job at E3 this year.

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:49 am

And I already have PS+ anyway

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:49 am

I know E3 is not a competition. But Sony won. Big time

Rik June 11, 20133:48 am

To be honest, after everything he’s just told us, I think they can get away with multiplayer being + only.

Vincent June 11, 20133:46 am

And Driveclub for free? Wow… This is so awesome.

Vincent June 11, 20133:45 am

But multiplayer is + only.

Vincent June 11, 20133:44 am


Rik June 11, 20133:43 am

Can someone call the police? Sony are killing Microsoft, it’s a massacre.

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:43 am

Oh snap no online requirement or used game restrictions. Just gutting Microsoft now #SonyE3

Vincent June 11, 20133:43 am

Did Sony just win E3?

Rik June 11, 20133:42 am

Drop the mic. Walk away. It’s over.

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:42 am

Just nailing microsoft

Vincent June 11, 20133:42 am

I am so happy right now this is awesome!

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:41 am

Listen to that crowd

Vincent June 11, 20133:41 am

Used Games!!!!!!!!!

Vincent June 11, 20133:41 am


PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:40 am

Was not expecting that

Vincent June 11, 20133:40 am

Just Cause 2 was amazing.

Vincent June 11, 20133:40 am

Avalanche makes awesome games.

Rik June 11, 20133:39 am

Mad Max?

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:35 am

Looked cool till he yawned at the end…what the hell was that?!

Rik June 11, 20133:35 am

Which one?

Vincent June 11, 20133:34 am

Lebron looks weeeiiiirddd.

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:32 am

This guy has taken “I’ve got an app for that” too far

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:27 am

Rain looks great. I know it’s just rain but still cool

Rik June 11, 20133:27 am

Some new Watch_Dogs gameplay.This should be good.

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:25 am

They pulled the guy playing the demo from a 90’s Nirvana concert

Vincent June 11, 20133:23 am

I don’t know if the AC games are all that exciting anymore.

Rik June 11, 20133:19 am

Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III. Square Enix have just made my E3.

Vincent June 11, 20133:17 am

I’d love it if KH wasn’t up it’s butt so much.

Rik June 11, 20133:16 am


Rik June 11, 20133:16 am


Rik June 11, 20133:15 am

Oh my god this looks so good! Like HD Crisis Core!

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:15 am

Those gameplay bits looks sick as hell

Rik June 11, 20133:14 am

Same here, I’m playing XIII-2 at the moment and loving it.

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:13 am

I have not given up hope for Final Fantasy. I still enjoy this series to death

Rik June 11, 20133:12 am


Vincent June 11, 20133:12 am

Versus 13?

Rik June 11, 20133:12 am

Those Indie titles look fantastic.

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:11 am

side scrolling open world space shooter? I think I’m pregnant

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:10 am

And the indie love just keeps going

Vincent June 11, 20133:10 am

Sony is snatching up all the indies!

Rik June 11, 20133:10 am

It’s so refreshing to see Indies being given so much stage time. Really nice touch on Sony’s part.

Vincent June 11, 20133:09 am

This indie stuff is awesome!!!

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:08 am

Wow they are really highlighting indies. Loving this

Vincent June 11, 20133:08 am

Octodad looks awesome!

Rik June 11, 20133:08 am


Vincent June 11, 20133:07 am

Don’t Starve!

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:06 am

This looks beautiful

Rik June 11, 20133:05 am

Can’t wait to get my hands on this, looks absolutely fantastic.

Vincent June 11, 20133:04 am

Supergiant games! That’s a great score considering Bastion didn’t come out on PS3..

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20133:04 am

Sony Indie support is what im talking bout

Vincent June 11, 20133:03 am

Adam Boyes! Canada represent!

Rik June 11, 20133:03 am

Jesus. That amazing.

Vincent June 11, 20133:01 am


Rik June 11, 20133:01 am

I remember this guy when he was on The Really Wild Show.

Vincent June 11, 20133:01 am

Uncanny valley much?

Vincent June 11, 20133:00 am

Hey! It’s that old man!

Rik June 11, 20133:00 am

Always look forward to seeing what Quantic Dream can do with new tech.

Vincent June 11, 20132:59 am

12 minute demo….?

Rik June 11, 20132:59 am

We going to see Floating Old Man Head again?

Vincent June 11, 20132:58 am


PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:58 am

inFamous still looking good

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:56 am

DriveClub another one fighting TheCrew

Rik June 11, 20132:56 am

Nice to see a new environment for Killzone: Shadow Fall – looking very Crysis like, which is no bad thing.

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:55 am

#Killzone you know I’m there

Vincent June 11, 20132:55 am


Rik June 11, 20132:54 am

That looks pretty cool. Would have been nice to see some gameplay though.

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:53 am

Ooh I liked The Order

Vincent June 11, 20132:53 am

Ready at Dawn’s first big game!

Vincent June 11, 20132:52 am

This seems interesting.

Rik June 11, 20132:52 am

Yeah, 12.

Vincent June 11, 20132:51 am

12 I think..

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:50 am

how many new IPs did he say?

Rik June 11, 20132:50 am

New IP time!

Vincent June 11, 20132:50 am

Shuhei Yoshida is the realest man alive,

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:48 am

Dude is happy

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:48 am

My body is ready for games

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:47 am

I guess we knew they’d have to cover the boring stuff since they had not talked about it yet

Rik June 11, 20132:47 am

Tv AND Sports!

Vincent June 11, 20132:46 am

@Pacman +1 to that!

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:45 am

He could have saved us all 5 mins and just said we are bringing sony stuff to sony stuff

Vincent June 11, 20132:44 am

This dude seems real nervous.

Rik June 11, 20132:43 am

Hey look, we can watch movies on our PS4!

Vincent June 11, 20132:43 am

Ughghg… The Resident Evil movies are not something you brag about.

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:43 am

Too much nothing rhetoric

Vincent June 11, 20132:42 am

Those Unlimited services sure are awesome!!!

Rik June 11, 20132:42 am

I’m glad I’m not buying the next generation consoles because of what the look like.

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:42 am

What an unfortunate voice

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:41 am

T-shirt guy is the highlight so far 🙂

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:40 am

ooh I like that

Rik June 11, 20132:39 am

It looks like somebody sat on an Xbox One

Vincent June 11, 20132:39 am

What do you know! A black box!

Vincent June 11, 20132:38 am

Andrew House is in the house!

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:38 am

#PS4 time

Rik June 11, 20132:37 am

Arkham Origins looking fantastic! Warner Bros. Montreal have some big boots to fill.

Vincent June 11, 20132:35 am

A prequel seems a little forced though..

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:35 am

Deathstroke is cool. Batman’s voice is not cool

Vincent June 11, 20132:34 am

Batman is NOT messing around.

Vincent June 11, 20132:34 am


PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:33 am

#GT6 Still a big fan

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:31 am

Beyond Two Souls looks like a great interactive movie which is how I think of it

Vincent June 11, 20132:31 am

I don’t know what’s new in GT6.

Rik June 11, 20132:30 am

Beyond! Two Souls looking real nice. Metal Gear Juno!

Vincent June 11, 20132:30 am

@Rik I’m too broke to buy a Vita so I just bought Persona 4 for the PS2.

Vincent June 11, 20132:29 am

Rain looks cool. Beyond looks awesome.

Rik June 11, 20132:29 am

@Vincent – Persona 4’s the reason I want a Vita

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:29 am

Dafoe ’nuff said

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:29 am

Ok I WANT Rain for sure

Vincent June 11, 20132:29 am


Rik June 11, 20132:29 am

They’ll be showing new stuff later right?

Vincent June 11, 20132:28 am

@Pacman I think Sony is still expecting people to play Persona 4: Golden on their Vitas.

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:26 am

Wait that’s all you got for vita? fuck off

Rik June 11, 20132:25 am

400 Days should be interesting.

Vincent June 11, 20132:24 am

Oooooooooh. New Walking Dead.

Rik June 11, 20132:24 am

Give me more Final Fantasy news.

Vincent June 11, 20132:22 am

Jack Tretton is hella boss.

Rik June 11, 20132:21 am

He does have the air of a mob boss about him doesn’t he

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:21 am

Good speech

Vincent June 11, 20132:21 am

I’m not crazy about Imagine Dragons.

Vincent June 11, 20132:21 am

Jack Tretton is going to stab somebody during this event. I can feel it.

Rik June 11, 20132:21 am

I need to listen to more Imagine Dragons

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:20 am

Nice intro music to walk out to

Vincent June 11, 20132:19 am

I like how the montage showed stuff that was announced but not shown at the reveal event.

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:19 am

Montage boner

Rik June 11, 20132:19 am

Can you feel the WUB tonight?

Rik June 11, 20132:17 am

Time to look at a load of stuff we’ve already seen. I really hope they put more focus on the new IP’s than the stuff we say in February.

Vincent June 11, 20132:17 am

Will The Last Guardian get shown?

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:17 am

Here we go!

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:15 am

Vita price cut and showing off its usability with PS4 and services/games would be nice to see

Vincent June 11, 20132:15 am

One minute!

Vincent June 11, 20132:15 am

@Rik I love Sports and TV AND Video Games!!! Is there something that offers me all of those in one system?

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:14 am

@Vincent That would be cool

Rik June 11, 20132:13 am

I really want Sony to turn around and tell us about TV and Sports tonight.

Vincent June 11, 20132:13 am

@Pacman Freelancer but in the Killzone universe?

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:11 am

A big budget new IP open world space sim would win my heart

Vincent June 11, 20132:11 am

@Rik Fair enough. My laptop can run a bunch of games but not the real taxing ones. It won’t last long once these next-gen games are out.

Rik June 11, 20132:09 am

I don’t have a gaming rig so tend to stay away from PC games. Just have my trusty laptop for writing my word thoughts and the occasional level of Thomas Was Alone.

Vincent June 11, 20132:07 am

@Rik It’s actually not bad for a free to play game. It’s cool to see it and other F2P games coming to the PS4.

Vincent June 11, 20132:06 am

@Pacman What if it transformed into a Helghast?

Rik June 11, 20132:06 am

I haven’t played it at all.

Vincent June 11, 20132:05 am

@Rik Have you played much of Blacklight: Retribution?

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:05 am

I want the new PS4 console to also transform into a Soundwave like robot.

Rik June 11, 20132:04 am

He’s pretty hardcore

Vincent June 11, 20132:04 am

That is a Tier 1 looking beard, Zombie Studios guy.

Vincent June 11, 20132:03 am

Developers Talking: The Game

Rik June 11, 20132:03 am

I’m in that state between waking up and being awake.

Vincent June 11, 20132:01 am

@Rik The deadliest game of all.

Rik June 11, 20132:00 am

The Tester: The Game

PacManPolarBear June 11, 20132:00 am

Lets do this!

Vincent June 11, 20131:54 am

The Tester 4 Life!

Vincent June 11, 20131:50 am

Oh man… What if Sony announces The Tester Seasons 4 at this press conference?

Vincent June 11, 20131:50 am

Hey, guys… Remember The Tester?

Vincent June 11, 20131:49 am

I liked Meredith Molinari a lot more when she was just hosting The Tester.

Vincent June 11, 20131:49 am

These pre-show talky talky people are making me sad.

Vincent June 11, 201312:52 am

My stoked level is over 9000!

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  1. Dangerous Brian

    It looks like a late night for this one…

  2. Aurochs

    Ahoyhoy, joining in a bit late in the party, but lets see what Sony has to say for themselves.
    Didn’t think Microsoft did themselves any particular favours, so realistically, Sony just have to not fuck up and I’m still fairly sold on the PS4!

  3. Dangerous Brian

    Give Microsoft credit, they didn’t completely suck…

  4. Aurochs

    I was thoroughly unimpressed, to the point where I was more convinced, if there were any doubt,I am not part of the target audience for the xbone.

  5. Dangerous Brian

    That’s because we already have devices for watching TV, we call them TVs

    Wasn’t this supposed to start 15 minutes ago?

  6. Aurochs

    Very true indeed
    Just preamble, the actual event starts at 2.

  7. Dangerous Brian

    Ah, but shouldn’t there be something displayed, even if its just a black screen that says video will start here?

    It might not have loaded properly otherwise

  8. Probably still trying to find a feed worthy of watching – and doesn’t bore them to death with pre-show ramble.

  9. Dangerous Brian

    Thanks for the info.

    Side note, I think Vincent might like The Tester…

  10. Aurochs

    Classic, my stream crapped out right in time for the opening… Here we go though!

  11. Aurochs

    Is that the sound of the disk tray spinning in the background?

  12. Dangerous Brian

    Nope, still nothing. I’m heading over to Twitch it seems…

  13. Vincent

    It seems those pesky Helghasts have taken over Sony’s stream…

  14. Dangerous Brian

    Its still better than The Xbox One reveal

  15. Aurochs

    That did NOT sound like Mark Hamill 🙁

  16. Dangerous Brian

    Wow, another games console that looks like a video player…

  17. Aurochs

    ‘The type of entertainment gamers want and love’

    • That wasn’t really a complaint. They spent the perfect amount of time showing us that they do those tv things as well without forcing it on us. The games we’ve just seen look interesting in one way or another as well!

  18. Dangerous Brian

    Are they literally making the same mistake Microsoft did and insisting on TV services?!

  19. Dangerous Brian

    OMG they said RED BARRELS!!

  20. Dangerous Brian

    FF XV, shut up and take my money!

  21. Aurochs

    There you have it folks, Sony win. By a long, long mile.

  22. Aurochs

    Aaaand now they’ve double won. Should probably get to bed now, given that it’s light outside…

  23. Dangerous Brian


  24. Someone

    PS4 looks very good though I have to admit, it’s mainly in comparison to the Xbox One. It’s really weird when NOT having draconic DRM on your console starts to sound like a feature. I’m definitely excited for it, though.

    Infamous Second Son trailer has me pumped for the game, Infamous is a pretty good series and Second Son looks beautiful with some really great voice acting. Beyond Two Souls is… weird, but that’s Quantic Dream for you, I liked Heavy Rain so I’m expecting that I’ll enjoy this. Final Fantasy Versus XIII or FFXV or whatever it’s called actually looks amazing in my opinion, but I’m not sure if it’s a PS4 exclusive (though I guess at this point exclusives don’t matter since I’m not interested in the Xbone anyway). The Order could be good, Santa Monica has a good reputation but I have to be honest that I’m iffy on the art style. Victorian steampunk/magitech can be cool, but it can also get over-designed and tacky very quickly and this game looks like it’s getting a bit too close to that.

    All in all, looks very good at $399.

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