Competition: Win a Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 Slim Vault!


Winning stuff is awesome.  Winning awesome stuff is, presumably, awesomer.  Winning a Calibur 11 Mass Effect 3 Vault – quite possibly the ultimate item for any self-respecting Mass Effect fan – is awesomer still.  Awesomerer, if you will.

Rather than be terribly selfish (and decidedly renegade) and hang on to the Xbox 360 Slim Mass Effect 3 Vault that I reviewed, I thought it would be much more appropriate (and, dare I say, paragon) to give this wondrous item away to the great and good that inhabit

So, I hear you ask, what the heck do I need to do to win this awesome prize?  Well, it’s simple – I want to know what Cdr. Shepard would have just said or done to result in him making this rather fantastic (and gurn-mungous) face:

Reply to this thread (either as a comment to this article or on the forums) with your entry – but you’ll only be eligible to win if you’re a registered member on BigRedBarrel who lives in the UK.  Not registered?  Well, that’s easy to sort out – just click here.

This competition will be open until 23.59 BST on Sunday 1st April 2012 – so get those entries in quick!

The prize for this competition is a Calibur11 Mass Effect 3 Vault for the Xbox 360 Slim.  The prize being offered in this competition was the unit reviewed by BigRedBarrel, so the packaging has been opened but the Vault itself is in ‘as new’ condition; DLC codes are included and have not been used.  This competition is only open to registered members of the site who are resident in the UK.

Please be aware that you will need to supply a postal address for delivery of this item. If prizes remain unclaimed for a period greater than 28 days then they may be resubmitted for future competition prizes. Decisions made in regard to picking a winner by BRB Staff are final.

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  1. Diarmuid

    “Roger Moore ain’t got nothin’ on me!”

  2. colinevo

    Hot mother and daughter combo…never been so glad to be renegade!

  3. funkym0nkey77

    “And THAT was when I probed Uranus.”

  4. Daniel

    So that’s how an Askari threesome works… OOOOOH RIGHT

  5. Pepe Thunder

    4 testies huh?

  6. is that short bearded fellow in a skirt???

  7. Teh Flying Tea

    “It’s a weird sensation……… but i like it!”

  8. DarkPhoenix9000

    “Ah, I knew installing that wrestling ring with optional mud and/or jelly settings into the Normandy would come in handy when Ashley met Miranda.”

  9. blades144

    “So ya! My penis.”

  10. blades144

    Too bad I am in the U.S.. Eym own lurn tuh reed sum dey.

  11. RWACU

    “I didn’t know they had an emergency induction port there!”

    I’m not actually qualified…. Just wanted to contribute XD

  12. donnie123

    and it was after 31 hours positioned like that, that I went blind.

  13. vs53

    And that’s why they call me Cdr. Shepard

  14. Red_Dwarf_Posse

    Ok, I’ve done Liara, Miranda, Ashley, Tali, Samara, Kasumi and Garrus when I was lonely. Joker….guess your next!

  15. Con-Fu

    OMG, The Normandy has a 6th floor with a Grotto. Finally I can romance Miranda and Liara at the same time…. or they can romance each other at the same time!

  16. Core challenge accepted…

    screw the peoples eyebrow Dwayne “the rock” Johnson this is the Spectre’s eyebrow!! can you smell what the Shepard’s cooking?

  17. ImpulseRev

    Oh yeah! I smelled what the Rock was cookin!!

  18. SolidJackal

    Dont live in the Uk but I though why not give it a go,
    “They will never know it was me who farted”

  19. buncieboy343

    “And just how may times have you saved the universe, Anderson?”

  20. Squenix Longstu

    “So, after sleeping with everyone on the ship, I should probably point out, I have AIDS. Problem?”

  21. Riddler

    So that’s where I left my joystick.

  22. Darius

    “That Fem-Shep girl is almost as sexy as me!”

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