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PS VR Proves VR is Here to Stay

Tim believes that Sony’s PlayStation VR helps to demonstrate why VR is more than a short-term gimmick.

Gears or War 4 Interview – EGX 2016

Tim dropped by the Gears of War 4 booth while at EGX 2016, to have a chat with Otto – the game’s Lead Multiplayer Producer. Click to Subscribe ► Join the forum discussion on this post

Tekken 7 @ EGX 2016

Tim got hands-on with the latest Tekken. No sign of any bears or kangaroos but landed enough punches to deliver a knockout.

Review: Gotham Season Two – Blu-ray

Holy Blu-rays Batfans! Tim’s reviewed the Gotham season two Blu-ray and you can read it here.

International Tabletop Day – Saturday 30th April 2016

Details for BRB’s International Tabletop Day Event

Review: The Grizzled

The Grizzled is a high quality, quick to play cooperative game with a strong theme and great artwork.

The Fall of Duty

Tim has concerns and apathy regarding this year’s Call of Duty.

Review: Johnny Red (Issue 1)

Tim was interested to see how well one of his favourite comic writers restores a former British comic hero.

EGX 2015: The Division

Tim ponders whether Ubisoft can reclaim their ‘king of open world’ games with The Division.

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