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Big Red Ramble: Move or Die

It’s time for battle with Coleman, Kev, Diarmuid & Bleezey all going head-to-head in a massive session of Move or Die. To see other BigRedRambles and more from BRB TV, check out our YouTube channel.

BRB UK 214: Virtual Git Rump

This week’s episode of BRB UK brings you Dan, Coleman & Tim having a good old natter about PlayStation VR & WWE 2K17.

Mantis Burn Racing: BRB @ EGX 2016

Josh played Mantis Burn Racing during EGX and loved every moment of this top-down off-road racer – you can read why here.

BRB UK 201: Mighty Mutts

Tim & Coleman are joined by Gal Kfir this week to talk about his new game Metroidvania-type game about Dogs, Buck.

Preview: ARK: Survival Evolved

Let’s face it, everyone loves dinosaurs, and that’s why ARK: Survival Evolved should definitely be on your radar in 2016.

Review: Coast Guard

Coast Guard is far from smooth sailing. Ryan looks at why the waters are so choppy.

To the Moon is Out of This World

To the Moon’s journey begins and ends in the stars, and tells us that all of those meaningful moments in our lives are never truly lost to time.

Preview: Barbara-ian

What happens when you distill your typical dungeon crawler down to its most basic of elements, and then crank the action up to 11? Matthew brings his new friend Barbara-ian along to find out.

Mortal Kombat X – Tremor Bundle Trailer

Another new fighter approaches the roster for Mortal Kombat X, joining fighters of new and old – along with Predator for some reason? Black Dragon ninja, Kano’s disciple and general powerhouse Tremor has returned to crush his opposition. Tremor will be available to purchase from the 28th July for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam.

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