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BRB UK 592: Jeff the Shinobi

Fear the mighty Jeff II, joined by the terrifying Bob

BRB UK 591: Lady Hades

Sacrebleu! It’s all gone a bit French this week

BRB UK 590: A Tale of WASD and Crabs

What’s better than sending Tim off to WASD? Sending Coleman with him to make fun of his game skills. Dan didn’t attend the show but we like to keep him around so he stays out of trouble. We’ve also been checking out Stellar Blade, Another Crab’s Treasure and the new Knuckles mini-series. Time Stamps 00:00:00 […]

BRB UK 589: Gluten-Free Ninja Pizzas

How about we just don’t eat pizza in the sewer? That can’t be sanitary in the slightest

Episode 588: Sonic 3 (Way)

Three Podcasters and one blue Hedgehog? Now that’s a party!

BRB UK 587: This Deal is Getting Worse…

Somehow, the BRB UK Podcast has returned

BRB UK 586: Ramble of the Ronin

Stabby Tim is fighting his way across Japan… for he the lone warrior, Rōnin

BRB UK 585: Roll Em Up!

Get in Listener… we’re going driving. You can tell it’s a busy week because not only are Dan and Coleman playing Pacific Drive, but Tim also has three games to discuss: Dungeon Drafters, Rainbow Reactor: Fusion, and Little Cities: Bigger. Time Stamps 00:00:00 Start 00:00:10 Intro 00:02:57 Dungeon Drafters 00:14:42 Pacific Drive 00:28:53 Rainbow Reactor: […]

BRB UK 584: Tables, Llamas & Chairs

This Sunday John Cena, it’s you and me in…TLC

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