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BRB UK 509: Starring Monkey Island

The Podcast as you know it may be missing this week but Monkey Island has returned

BRB UK 508: Bringin’ Out the Big Guns

We need guns… lots of guns

BRB UK 507: PikKin?

Or should that be TinyMin? We can never be sure when it comes to creating a portmanteau

BRB UK 505: Dr. A$$

Call Dr. A$$, that’s his name… that name again is Dr. A$$

BRB UK 505: I Got Holes

Not only are we knocking balls about in limbo this week, but it’s Gamescom time too

BRB UK 504: Animal Culting

All glory to The One Who Waits, for together we can ensure his return…

BRB UK 503: Wooley!

It’s a big, loveable, fluffy doofus with Kirby powers. Just how could you not love Wooley?

BRB UK 502: Bread Dog

Bread Dog, Bread Dog, alone in the world is a little Bread Dog

BRB UK 499: Live or Live?

No no no no no! It’s not pronounced Live A Live, it’s of course Live A Live

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