Gaming for Good – Pro Gamer Twitch Stream for Macmillan Cancer Support

Saturday 6th August will see 13 professional gamers join forces for a 24-hour live stream. The fundraising event is an example of the charity’s ‘Game Changers’ initiative, which can be entered by any and all who want to have fun playing video games for 24 hours whilst raising money for a very worthy cause.

The gamers set to take part on Saturday 6th are:


Here are some example feats to give you a sense of who these players are: Elajjaz held the world record speed for beating all bosses in Dark Souls II; BethFreemanArtist uses Twitch to show viewers her artistic process and digital/traditional creations; and QueenE has competed in major StarCraft II tournaments. All in all, those taking part represent the versatility of Twitch and live streaming in general.

To tune in, viewers should head to Macmillan’s Twitch channel. The event will begin at 12pm BST on Saturday 6th, continuing until 12pm on Sunday afternoon. Viewers will be able to engage with the stream as the hosts take up forfeits and challenges. Most importantly, you can donate funds to the charity that’s organised the whole thing, Macmillan Cancer Support.

This will be Game Changers second year running, and the goal is to beat last year’s efforts. Heather Pearl, Head of National Events at Macmillan Cancer, has noted:
“As well as asking people to tune in to Twitch on Saturday 6th August to watch their favourite pro gamers go head-to-head for 24-hours, we’re encouraging gamers to hold their own gameathon and get sponsored to do so. All money raised goes to Macmillan to help ensure that no one faces cancer alone.”

If you do want to hop on Twitch and get involved yourself, all you have to do is sign up on the Game Changers website, where people can then sponsor you with donations. From there, you can begin your 24 hour gameathon whenever it suits you, be it a solo adventure or with friends!

For updates on the event, head to the Game Changers Twitter.

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