Big Red Barrelcast 34: Wet Star Trek

The Big Red Barrelcast returns to tickle your ear drums with their ramblings! On this week’s episode, Dave, Pacman and Kev ramble on about buggy Battlefield 4, Kev’s PS4, and meat. Don’t forget to visit our sponsor Insert Coin Clothing and cover up your nakedness by using discount code BIGREDSAVINGS15 for 15% off your order!

This time, they pontificate about:

  • Why should Kev keep his PS4 preorder?
  • Preorder Madness
  • COD: Ghosts
  • Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag
  • Battlefield 4
  • Canada’s super deal
  • WOW gets an update
  • There’s a new Mass Effect in the works
  • GTAV players get the money, dolla, dolla bill y’all
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall footage is too good for Youtube
  • 60FPS at 1080p
  • Xbones breaking street date
  • Shout outs
  • Some lovely bonus content for BRB podcast app owners.

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  1. Mauders

    Hey Guys, Love the show, I think it’s so awsm that you guys take time out of your week to deliver gaming news and goodness to us. Cheers me up when I’m a bit bummed out and gets me excited about new gaming stuff. Pacman has such a vast knowledge on gaming and news. Kev really knows his stuff about tech and the way games handle. Dave really enthuses me about gaming and we have quite similar views about the games. Just a great trio in general, you all bring something different and it really works! Could I please ask a question ,no doubt, you’ve been asked this loads. I’m really excited about the Xbox One now and might cancel my PS4 preorder as I can’t get both. Titanfall just looks sweet but I’m concerned about the PS4 being more powerful, outputting at higher resolution etc. Should I be worried, does titanfall overall that problem? What do you guys think? I would be very grateful for any views on that. Thanks! Keep up the good work! x

    • I think a lot of people *think* they care about playing games in 1080 over 720, but ultimately they just want to play a game that runs smoothly. Does 1080 rendering look better than 1080 upscaled? Yes, absolutely, but it’s still the same game. If you’ve spent the last several years complaining that games don’t look sharp enough then maybe it’s a concern, but I don’t think most people are like that, they just use it as a reason to jump on the PS4’s side at this point.

      Ultimately, it’s a pointless argument anyway, since both systems will likely be running games at 1080 within a couple of years. Maybe not at 60fps with a bunch of anti-aliasing– that remains to be seen — but developers are only going to get better at designing their games around these architectures. Consider the leap on PS3 in performance between its launch titles and Uncharted 2, or 3, and then again what that machine was pulling off this year with Beyond. Both consoles will go through this again.

      So to be honest I guess I’d just say go with whichever system you want specific games for? If Titanfall really is going to be your jam then that won’t be on PS4 ever, so that should really make the decision simple. Just don’t worry about which is the more powerful system. It’s not worth it. The PS4 *is* more powerful on paper, but who knows what tricks developers are going to come up with over the years? Will they even spec their games higher on that platform when they don’t really have to? Who knows? Just do what everyone else *should* be doing: Go where the games you like are.

  2. BRB Meatcast!  Make it happen.

  3. Good show guys.

    If Killzone Shadow Fall’s MP mode is close to as good as it was in Killzone 2, they will be onto a winner. KZ2’s was probably the best multiplayer FPS offering last gen outside of BF3.

  4. Mauders

    Thank you Kev, that’s really cleared it up for me. Ye you’re right, it doesn’t matter that much to me, so I think I’ll take your advice and go with the games. Which happens to be titanfall! I agree with you that developers will hopefully all have 1080p in a couple of years, I hadnt really thought about that. Thanks again Kev!

  5. Kev said
    If Titanfall really is going to be your jam then that won’t be on PS4 ever, so that should really make the decision simple.

    I thought the first Titanfall was confirmed as not coming to PS4 but any follow-ups could be multi-platform?

  6. Dangerous Brian

    Great show people, I guess I forgot to comment last time though.

    Kev said
    I think a lot of people *think* they care about playing games in 1080 over 720, but ultimately they just want to play a game that runs smoothly. Does 1080 rendering look better than 1080 upscaled? Yes, absolutely, but it’s still the same game. If you’ve spent the last several years complaining that games don’t look sharp enough then maybe it’s a concern, but I don’t think most people are like that, they just use it as a reason to jump on the PS4’s side at this point.

    I’ve personally never cared how beautiful a game looks, Some of the best games ever look like crap compared to even their own gen equivalents, let alone current gen versions. The important thing to me is game-play, if it plays great who needs graphics? Having said that, I’ve no problems with great games looking good too but game-play should be the priority.


    You are right though, I can’t tell the difference between 1080 and 720, at least not all the time. I also know that the best graphics will always be on a custom game PC.


    With regards to Mass Effect, whatever they make I will play the hell out of. I don’t really want to see more of the same people though. Bioware are great at making characters with unique backgrounds and personalities, give me new people. And DON’T send me for Iridium!

  7. Chubbaluphigous

    As a massive Dead Rising fan, I have little hope for the next Dead Rising.  They seem to have taken away the weird ass Japanese design in the game in an effort to appeal to the general populous.  Everything that they have changed was core to what made the gameplay so compelling in the other games.  The other 2 games were designed around the 72 hour time limit.  You were forced to make decisions on what you were going to do because there wasn’t enough time.  It created urgency in your gameplay.  You had to keep going.  It effected the way you explore the game.  It forced the designers to keep everything relatively close together.  The game was dense with S\*\*t to do.  Which is also part of having a smaller map size.  No matter where you were there was S\*\*t to do, weapons to grab, and secrets to find.  You can’t really do that in a large open world.  The open world in Dead Rising 3 looks only to serve a higher zombie count, and vehicles.  They also got rid of the escorting survivors which seems good, but is actually a bit of a negative for me.  The loading in and out of the safe house sucked, and the AI was terrible in that you almost had to trick them into going into the safe house.  But it was fun trying to keep them alive, seeing how many you could keep with you, getting weapons for them, and watching the AI bug out in really funny ways.  I would have preferred that they kept in the rescuing like that, fixed the AI, and removed the loading problems.  But with the large open world taking back survivors would not be fun and would take way too long.  I know that they have a mode that has the time limit, but with the rest of the game not designed around that it isn’t going to be the same.  The game will be a funny zombie playground, but that is about it.  The other games were a zombie playground and a whole lot more.  Also there are reports of the game dropping to single digit fps.  It will probably be an alright game, but I don’t think it will be a good Dead Rising game.


    I have been enjoying Killzone a lot so far.  It is a lot better than the reviews would let on.  Especially since all those first reviews only including the single player.  The story is about as mediocre as the critics are saying, but the multiplayer is F\*\*\*ing great.  Killzone is one of the few shooters out there that has a multiplayer that feels unique with its own gameplay style.  I am really looking forward to getting a party of guys in chat and tearing it up as a group.  I am really sad that my infiltrator class is gone.  I loved being the disguised spy running with a group of the enemy and gun down a whole squad from behind.  The AI in the story is much improved.  Guys will flank you, lay down behind cover to shoot you from the ground out of sight, and run to get back up before attacking you.  The AI improvements also translate into multiplayer with the flying turrets.  In KZ2 those things were useless and never got any kills.  Here they will move and pursue guys shooting fast and accurately enough to kill a good number of them.  I have had a lot of fun playing the support with it.  I haven’t really tried the scout, but I’m not really one to play a sniper.  It controls better than any Killzone with quick responsive controls.  The large dead zone and controller lag in the other games was a result of the graphics processing.  The old games couldn’t render and display fast enough to handle quick movement. After playing just about all games on the PC for the last couple years, I need to get back into shape shooting people with a controller.  I miss my mouse.  I really miss my mouse.    

    I am still waiting for Amazon to send me NFS which has gotten lots of really good talk.  But depending on how that goes,  I really think that Resogun is going to be the best overall game on either of the new systems.  Well, Forza will be Forza and for the fans of that game they will probably have a really good Forza game.  I’d be all willing to jump into Forza myself if MS didn’t artificially require you buy another several hundred dollar wheel.  While the same wheel that you can use on PC and PS3 will also work with the PS4.  Resogun is so good.  So F\*\*\*ing good.  Like you start playing it and then are all like holy S\*\*t this so F\*\*\*ing good.  It’s the dogs knees.  The bee’s bullocks.   

    Remote play works amazingly well, and the direct to console connection has a sizable range to it.  If you are in the same room as your PS4 the lag doesn’t effect gameplay at all.  If you are kinda far away, I would shy away from from playing twitch games.  You can do a shooter singleplayer fine, but I wouldn’t go online with it.  The touch screen replacement for R2/L2 isn’t great, but it works.  They are doing the best with what they got.  

    Did I mention how nut lovingly fantastic Resogun is? Cause it is.

    Most people may not be able to tell the difference between 720 and 1080, but I very much so can.  I would expect that to be true for anybody that has spent a good amount of time playing on PC.  With Titan Fall coming to PC, I don’t see any reason to get an Xbone.  $500 new video card has a higher ROI than a second console that will only be used for one game.  If I really want to play Titan Fall on a console then I can play the sequels on PS4.

  8. That’s true, I just meant the first game. PS4 is probably still an option for a Titanfall game if you’re willing to a) wait for another two years and b) believe that Respawn will make a second Titanfall game immediately after the first.

  9. Aurochs

    Cheers for the episode guys, a good one! Haven’t got around to listening to the bonus content yet but I’m sure it’s more of the same quality :p

    I completely agree about not noticing super good graphics. To be honest, I was content with the kind of stuff that was coming out of the original xbox at the end of it’s lifespan, and literally every improvement since then has been nice, and looks more impressive, but hardly essentially. Much more interested in what engines can deliver in terms of particle physics, destructible environments and the like, that’s what’s going to make new games interesting!

  10. jabberwocker

    They have pretty much said that it is just for Titanfall 1, as of now that is. Of course this could all change anytime in the future. As MS has known to grease the money wheels from time to time and therefore could buy the exclusivity to it the entire generation. But if PS4 has a sizable lead, I doubt it would be exclusive for too long.

  11. DJ

    Started at episode one, all caught. Fucking love it 1

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