The Backlog: Adding Fuel To The Fire

It’s been a while since I have done one of these articles. Progress is being made on my pile of shame but at the slow rate you might expect from someone who has such a pile. In a world of Steam sales, Amazon deals, and PS+ discounts, the instant gratification of buying digital games can make it incredibly hard to actually make any headway with your pile of shame.

That has certainly been my biggest problem besides simply playing too many games at one time and never making much progress in any of them. I’ll end up buying a couple games off a dirt cheap Amazon sale or Steam sale, start making my way through them, notice that EB Games has Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition for $15 and buy it. Next thing you know I’ve just started five new games and decided it would be a good idea to order a copy of Persona 4 for the PS2. Persona 4 alone is a hundred-hour JRPG, ain’t nobody got time for that! Be it physical media or digital media, I seem to find myself very distracted by all these dang games.

One of these days, Rogue Galaxy. One of these days...

One of these days, Rogue Galaxy. One of these days…

Yeah, I know, “first world problems” and all of that, but this backlog does have me wondering if I even need a next-gen system (which, by the way, would be a PS4). I still haven’t finished all the games I own for the PS1 and it would seem silly to go buy a new $500 machine just so that I can buy new games that I may or may not ever finish. In a perfect world I would have a job that would pay me to play all of my old games and post them as videos or something. Sadly, that is not the case and, for now, I’ll keep dreaming of a day where I get paid to finish 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. The real trick seems to be playing one game and sticking to it until you have finished it. But like I said,  Amazon and Steam sales can make it hard to shrink your pile of shame – if anything, they just make it grow.

If I got shot nine times I probably wouldn't be amused either.

I really hope someone is working on a next-gen 50 Cent game.

For now, I’ll be trying my very best to focus on as few games as possible. Unless I get something for review purposes I will be focusing most of my gaming time on a series I have never spent a lot of time with. I picked up the F.E.A.R. trilogy for dirt cheap from an Amazon sale and have been playing through a fair bit of the first game. Next time The Backlog returns, it will be in the form of a special three part series dedicated to the F.E.A.R. games (unless I get distracted by anything new and shiny). I would love to write about every single game in my backlog, but realistically I have to pick and choose the best ones.

Between my rants about used games, gaming habits and spending habits, it would be good if I took the time to actually write about some of the games that I have been playing that aren’t for review purposes. This backlog series has been a bit of a weird one for me to figure out, but I think I am now starting to balance it out the way I originally imagined it. Hopefully you guys out there can finish some games in your backlog even if I’m too lazy and too scatterbrained to finish some of my own. There are also a bunch of movies in my house which I have never bothered to watch. For now, I’ll just focus on the games – let’s face it, I have a hard enough time sticking to just one of them even before I chuck movies into the mix.

Has anyone seen this little girl? She gets really cranky when she misses her bed time.

Has anyone seen this little girl? She gets really cranky when she misses her bed time.

This is a bit of a short entry, but The Backlog will be back sooner than you think with a lot more to say in “The Backlog: The Smell Of F.E.A.R.”

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  1. Maria

    If the photo is any indication then F.E.A.R. looks really spooky in a “Ring” kinda way. Looking forward to reading your review on it.

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