Big Red Flix 54: Back To The Future (Part 3)


The crew is safe and sound in 1955, where no one has seen purple underwear before, as the Back To The Future BKR continues. Join Dave, Jitterbug, and Yoshifett and listen as they get side-tracked, like always, by The Wizard Of Oz syncing up with Pink Floyd’s Darkside Of The Moon and the comedic timing of electricity — among other things — making this a 4 part BKR. Check back on BRB next week for part 4!

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  1. JLV

    A 4 part BKR for Back to the Future. Lord. Love you guys.


    I’ve taken to watching the movies you guys talk about, you talented marketers you. Watched Black Dynamite last Friday. This is the game I played:


    Take a drink whenever:

    You see boobies
    Bullhorn makes a rhyme 
    A boom mic is visible on screen
    Black Dynamite’s kung fu is interrupted
    A song narrates a scene
    A car goes over a cliff
    Orphan/orphanage is mentioned
    Characters speak in unison

    Take a drink whenever someone says:

    “now this is some heavy S\*\*t”
    “put yo’ ankle in it”
    “code Kansas”


    Chug your drink whenever someone says:
    “OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” (after you drink it would probably be a good idea if everyone playing said OOOOOOOOOOOO! out loud together. You know, for group bonding.)

    Bonus Kung Fu Treachery Challenge:
    Take a shot whenever Black Dynamite obviously overreacts to a situation or character (keep a look out for those crazy eyes!)


    (Credit goes to


    Needless to say I enjoyed the movie.

  2. Your drinking game makes me think you drink like you don’t want to live.

  3. FireMuncher

    I don’t know if anyone will remember this but Crispin Glover is bat S\*\*t crazy…

  4. Pretty sure a good amount of his insanity is an act.

  5. FireMuncher

    Or LSD

  6. My favorite part was when Dave referred to Doc Brown as Doc Adams like 3 times consecutively and nobody noticed. Gold.

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