Big Red Flix 25: Jaws (Part 4)

The search for the cure to the summertime blues continues as Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett wrap up their discussion about the original Summer blockbuster, Jaws. The crew is back to their old Star Wars form and recorded 4 awesome hours for this BKR (Be Kind Rewind). Don’t miss part 1, part 2, or part 3. Check back on BRB later this week for another awesome episode of BRB Flix!

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  2. zombiesauerkraut

    The guy in the pond who keeps asking the kids if they’re ok..he always seemed very pervy and very suspicious to me. As a kid I genuinely thought that the hidden moral of this scene was “don’t talk to strangers” 🙂 bizarre, but this scene would make a great public service announcement, especially with the guy getting eaten by a shark at the end.

    Best shot of the shark by far. My fiancée was constantly gasping in disbelief throughout the movie, as if she kept forgetting that the shark wasn’t real (until the big rubber b*stard jumped onto the boat, that is). Very enjoyable to see her reactions during her first viewing of this thing.

     Great show guys. Totally worth the four parts. Looking forward to Independence Day. Fun movie, but I hope you guys kick the crap out of that thing. Cheers 

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