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Review: Star Trek: Discovery (Season 1 Chapter 2)

Ian sets phasers to numb and discovers what happens when you boldly go too far.

Review: Contrast

Peter reviews Contrast, a card game based around describing pictures using descriptive cards and guessing what other people are going to think.

Review: Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones

Ian heads back to Egypt to discover the origins of The First Order and The Hidden Ones.

Review: American Satan

Alex reviews a movie about a tricky and deadly road to fame for rock band The Relentless. Then Satan appears…

Review: Secrets

[REDACTED]s is a Cold War themed team based hidden identity game for four to eight people.

Review: Life is Strange: Before The Storm

Ian takes a break to re-visit Arcadia Bay and chase away those holiday blues.

Review: Bright

Netflix’s Bright is not the worst movie of last year, but is it even close to being the best? Ian digs into the seedy underbelly of Orc-infested Los Angeles to find out.

Review: Nomads

Alex journeys across the mysterious land of Luma to review Nomads, a board game all about tile drafting and set collecting.

Review: Planet Of The Apes Trilogy (Boxset)

Ian revisits one the best movies of 2017 with the Planet of the Apes box set.

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