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Four Directions Metal Gear Could Go Post-Kojima

The Phantom Pain marks the beginning of the end, but with Konami all but certain to continue the franchise, Socrates has suggestions on where they could go next.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta Impressions

A new year brings with it a new Call of Duty, but has Black Ops III actually changed anything? We find out.

Phil Spencer – One Year (and a bit) On

Following a less than impressive reveal, the Xbox One underwent a period of suffering. So how has Phil Spencer managed in his quest to turn the ship around?

Gaming’s Greatest Female Characters

Who says there aren’t awesome female characters in games? Here’s a run down of the ten women that best represent their gender.

Halo: Combat Evolved Retrospective

Riding atop of the wave of FPS nostalgia, Socrates visits arguably the biggest and greatest of them all for the very first time.

The Death of the 3D Platformer

Having grown up on the delights of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, Socrates investigates the unexplained disappearance of his childhood heroes.

Dark Souls III – A Souls Game Too Many?

Dark Souls III represents the last of FromSoftware’s dark fantasy RPG, but this Souls fan finds himself gravely concerned.

Spectra Hands-On Preview

Intrigued at the sound of an 8bit music racing game, Socrates traveled to London to go hands-on with upcoming indie title, Spectra.

What The NX Must Do To Succeed

After a less than stellar E3, Socrates has a few suggestions for Nintendo and how should deal with their upcoming console, the NX.

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