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Thinking Allowed (with Frawlz) – Wii Probably Don’t Need U

Frawlz gets back from a trip to L.A. with some thoughts about the Nintendo WiiU.

BRB UK 38: Internal Environments

Well, hello there denizens of the inter tubes! It’s that time of the week for a rather British dabble in the shallow end of the week’s gaming news – so join Dan, Jon, Tim and special guest Dave, all the way from The United States of ‘MERICA Land.

Batman: Arkham City: Armoured Edition – WiiU Launch Trailer

Back as Bats! Relive Arkham City, or enjoy it for the first time, in the Armoured Edition of Batman’s greatest challenge. Featuring brand new gameplay mechanics utilizing the WiiU’s Gamepad, as well as improved suits for Batman and Catwoman. Armour up, caped crusaders!

Review: F1 Race Stars

F1 2012’s baby brother is an intense sugar-rush of rainbow-palette karting joy, if a little lacking in variety. PLUS: Comment on the article to win a copy of the game!

Rabbids Land – Official Launch Trailer

Join the Rabbids on a fun day out to Rabbids Land, where you and they take part in mini-games on the theme parks rides together.

Thinking Allowed (with Frawlz) – Is Cross-Game Chat Actually Worthwhile?

Frawlz would like to share with you his musings on the subject of cross-game chat, and whether or not it has been beneficial or hindering to Xbox Live. Also, there’s pizza.

Dishonored – Killer Moves

A little while ago, the team behind this year’s first person mystic assassin game, Dishonored, asked for some fan created clips of people’s best kills, combos and displays of stealth that they could come up with. This montage is the result of that.

Thinking Allowed (with Frawlz) – Midnight Launch Poster Woes

Frawlz takes valuable time away from his ‘work’ to tell you about midnight launches and stupid posters. It’s the mandatory Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 episode, then.

Big Red Flix 42: Learn The Ways Of Emma Stone

This week Dave and Yoshifett are joined by Smelly Pirate from the Boom show discuss Disney buying the rights to Star Wars, Nine Months, The Heart Break Kid, The Godfather 2, The Dictator, Battleship, as well as trailers for World War Z and Movie 43.

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