Thinking Allowed (with Frawlz) – Wii Probably Don’t Need U

Frawlz gets back from a trip to L.A. with some thoughts about the Nintendo WiiU.

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  1. Lukas Heinzel

    Hach Frawlz, dude just let Nintendo do their Thing ok, they Kind of know what they are doing…

    AndFrawlz? because of the respect i have for you, i wont destroy your Video bit by bit in every possible way.

    Because believe me, i could.

  2. shakysnake

    Wii U is now a lil bit old stuff… current topics / news can add much to the vlogs.

    Cheers, waiting for Wednesday 🙂

  3. Nintendo knows exactly what they are doing…

    Nintendo is one of the few (if not only) console makers that make money off their console off day one. It’s a super smart way of doing buisnes. The only way to do this, is to cut cost in the hardware. Playstation and Microsoft make their money back in game sales and licensing. Nintendo is pure profit.

    After 5 years… consumers are looking to spend their money on something new. Nintendo is smart to come out of the gate first. If they went head to head with Microsoft or Sony… it would be crushed everywhere in the world, excluding Japan.

    The PS2 pushed Sony to the number one spot and shot the Nintendo gamecube to number two then three after the Xbox was released. Sony allowed Nintendo to regain the spot due to the massive cost of the PS3 at launch. They really lucked out, due to the terrible decisions by Sony.

    Now I’m not bashing Nintendo. They put out amazing hardware and really forces others to think outside the box. They put out great games and really knows what their core audience likes (game wise).

    My point is that… by the time Nintendo really shows it’s true colors as a system… it will be when Microsoft and Sony release their products. You know Sony wont make the same mistake twice and Microsoft has a lot of momentum and a massive budget behind them.

    Nintendo can’t and won’t be able to repeat the success of the Wii at all. They have one year to make as much money as possible and then it till fall off completely.

  4. Lukas Heinzel

    Wow, great response. I mean, it does have little to do with the video :-), but let me just respond to your point.

    You are saying, that Nintendo will show their true colors , when the next consoles are coming out. As these unanounced projects, which effectively will come out in 2 years, as those will have a rough first launch year themselves, Nintendo has not only two years two establish themselves, but they also will live in a kind of different market that PS4/Xbox as their games will be cheaper to made and cheaper to buy. In Times like these, where Studios have to close because their games only sell 1.5 Million this is a huge opportunity for normal and indie developers.

    Nintendo hasnt have to be afraid of the new consoles, they already did it with the wii and the 3DS also came way before the vita . Look at those colours.

    It rather is the other way around.

  5. Lukas Heinzel

    And Sony isnt making the same mistake twice? Which one specifically? The huge price, almost no games for it for the first two years, the low sales compare to its previous iteration , the incredible bad onlince service at the start or the bad functioning XMB?

    Look, i am not saying that Nintendo is the holy saviour , but writting them off because some people want it, is just not a good reason.

  6. d1x1e

    I bought a wii because drunk team bowling. It got played for a few months then stored then played again for a few months then stored permanently.

    If i want to play drunk bowling with friends i can always dust off the wii. Or go mental buy move and play a more engaging version on the PS3

    Unlike drunk bowling on the wii I see absolutely no compelling reason to buy into the wii U.

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