Thinking Allowed (with Frawlz) – Is Cross-Game Chat Actually Worthwhile?

Frawlz would like to share with you his musings on the subject of cross-game chat, and whether or not it has been beneficial or hindering to Xbox Live. Also, there’s pizza.

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  1. Monkeyspunk

    The first 20 seconds is all i really needed to see for my weekly allotment of Frawlz.

    I understand where Frawlz be coming from. And I can agree up to a point, it sucks (kinda) to get into a random match with random people of…let’s say Halo 4. Then upon entering said match you see all these little chat bubbles atop everyone’s head, and you are left cold and alone, in the wasteland of your own “forever alone” moment.

    However, they are in party chat for the same reason I am, to chat with the people I’m playing with exclusively. I personally have spent far too many years wading through the troglodytes of the interwebs to care what they have to say. Because lets face it, the vast majority of people you will talk to on live or the PSN or wherever. Really aren’t there to talk about the game or strategy. They are there to subject you to whatever music they are listening to, conversations with other people in the room, their singing voices, incoherent mutterings, coherent mutterings, screaming, swearing, belching, coughing as well as telling you how much you suck.

    If you aren’t playing the same game as your friends should you be in party chat with them? Why not? I sit in party chat by myself half the time just so I don’t have to mute 5 people every game.

    In a perfect world yes, we should be able and willing to chat with the random gamers we meet up with. To plan our strategies and guide our teamwork in game. But very few people did that even before the advent of party/cross game chat. Now it just give me one big mute option, and that’s ok.

    So there is my wall of text, good day to you sirs!

  2. I can see the argument both ways, Party chat is good for socializing with people you already know, but not that great for meeting new people online or working with randoms as a team – but, as Monkeyspunk points out, that has not proved to be something that a lot of people like to do, as it turns out giving random people anonymity apparently makes them REALLY, really annoying. I rarely play online with randoms, unless I am playing something for review, and when I do it is even rarer I look to communicate – didn’t use to be that way, but I learnt my lesson a while back.

  3. When I first got an xbox… I was so surprised on how many fun people there were to play with. I made some friends on XBL and most I’ve never met and still play with.

    Yes, I get some people who are annoying and you more than 90% of the time have to ask someone to turn their TV down… but that’s part of the experience.

    I don’t always want to play with people I know. I also don’t need to talk to of my friends while they are all playing another game. I enjoy meeting new people and if I want to play with people at 3am… I don’t want it to be a chat void.

    It’s like being invited to a party and talking on your phone the whole time. It’s just rude.

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