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Not Knowing Your Limits Can Destroy All Your Worlds

In the absence of wide ranging appeal, it is perhaps even more important to know the limits of the audience you are able to reach.

BRB UK 44: Snakewad

Ahoy hoy and, may I say, ‘och aye the noo’! Why? Because our resident Scot finally woke up at a time commensurate with doing a podcast. So, for the first time in 2013, join Dan, Jon and Tim as they teeter around the week’s gaming news.

Preview: Company Of Heroes 2

Company Of Heroes 2 seemingly isn’t bringing anything especially new or different to the franchise outside of a graphics bump, but more Company Of Heroes is no bad thing.

BRB Blu 23: Pay To Win

This week Rothbart and PacManPolarBear are joined by Esmeralda to discuss Papo & Yo, Little Big Planet’s “Progressive Insurance” sponsored contest, THQ, da roomahs, and a few more nuggets of Sony goodness.

Trailer: Darksiders 2 – Know Death

I now hand you over to Death himself, to tell you in his own words why he’ll be murdering everybody.

Trailer: Darksiders 2 – Death Comes For All

I honestly have nothing left to say about this game. I just want it. I want it now. But in the meantime, here’s another epic trailer! (Why would anyone go up against a dude called Death, anyway?)

Trailer: South Park: The Stick of Truth – E3

Since Jews can’t be saviors, the South Park gang rely on the New Kid in this turn based RPG.

Trailer: Darksiders II – Death Strikes Part I

Don’t fear the Reaper, unless you’re one of his enemies. As war wages between the Demons and Angels, Death shows how he earnt the name in Heaven and Hell

Gameplay: Darksiders 2

I just finished Darksiders for the first time, today. I know, I know, I’m a little late to the game, but I loved it and it got me quite pumped for Darksiders 2. And thanks to the game’s director retweeting my praise, I found this three minute video cut together from a gameplay demo recently […]

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