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BRB @ EGX: Preview: DriveClub

Evolution Studios are now marching towards release with their latest project and based on the brief time I got with the game at the Eurogamer Expo, they have something quite special on their hands.

BRB UK 35: Tactical Banana

Well, hello there! We’re all recovering from our Extra Life marathons – so we’ve probably talked more codswallop than usual this week. Regardless, why don’t you join Dan, Jon and Tim for their take on the week’s gaming news!

Need for Speed: Most Wanted – Live Action Ad

It’s a full blown standoff between the racers of the Most Wanted list, and the Fairhaven City Police Department in this live action trailer. Featuring just some of the many cars available for you to track down and drive straight from the start.

Rebirth: Stop Calling it a Reboot

I would argue that very few games are technically rebooted, most are just reborn. The phrase “reboot” should be reserved for occasions where something has been shut down and restarted.

Preview: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

We’ve gotten our hands on the latest Need for Speed, but is it as similar to Burnout Paradise as people claim it to be?

Trailer: Need for Speed Most Wanted – Find It, Drive It

Some gameplay footage that shows off some of Need for Speed Most Wanted’s best features, namely, the ability to drive any car you can find right from the start. You can also see how Autolog 2.0 is put through it’s paces to get you into a race with a time to beat, and billboards with […]

EA PWNED – Gamescom 2012 Conference Round Up

Matt Cuttle talks us through everything that went down during EA’s press conference at Gamescom 2012 on day one. As well as the game trailers which can be found in our Gamescom coverage so far, there’s some additional footage from the main stage in this special episode of PWNED, including NHL 13, EA Origin coming to […]

Trailer: Need for Speed: Most Wanted – Multiplayer, Gamescom 2012

Throw down in the streets and burn some rubber. Take part in nitrous injected, 12 player racing in the open world of Fairhaven City.

EA PWNED #24 – Need for Speed Most Wanted Special

It’s the PWNED Need for Speed: Most Wanted Special, featuring the latest information and unseen footage from 2012’s most anticipated racer. Matt heads to the E3 expo in Los Angeles where, fresh from the announcement of the game at the EA press conference, creative director Craig Sullivan chats about the single player mode of Need […]

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