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GRID 2 – Demo Derby DLC Trailer

Demolition Derby mode was one of the most requested features in feedback from the GRID 2 community and updates the original mode from GRID for GRID 2 to take advantage of the game’s superior graphics and damage engine. The free downloadable content includes the Jupiter Eagle Ray Mk 5 Demo Derby car with a range […]

Gallery: Faster Than Life at the Scottish Car Show 2013

As if a video wasn’t enough, we’ve put together a photo gallery showing off more of our Faster Than Life gaming arena at The Scottish Car Show!

GRID 2 – Peak Performance Pack DLC Trailer

The Peak Performance Pack is out now across all platforms and features six highly tuned versions of well loved cars for maximum efficiency.

Gran Turismo 6 Headlines Faster Than Life at The Scottish Car Show This Weekend

In case you haven’t heard our BIG news Big Red Barrel is hosting the “Faster Than Life” driving game section at the Scottish Car Show on Sunday. Below are some of the details from our prepared (but unreleased) press release with some extra details of some of the attractions and games on offer. Big Red […]

Review: GRID 2

Codemasters’ on-road racing franchise returns after a half-decade reprieve. Is it a first place place finish or is GRID 2 disqualified?

BRB UK 63: Apocalyptic Fungal Infection

There’s excitement abound this week in BRB UK towers, as Tim’s OUYA has finally arrived – also, videogame news. Join Dan, Jon and Tim as they meander around the week that was.

GRID 2 – The IndyCar Pack

In this gameplay video Codemasters show the Dallara IndyCar racing at the world famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The IndyCar Pack — featuring two extra routes at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Circuit plus the Dallara IndyCar and Indy 500 Pace Car liveries for the Chevrolet Camaro SS and Corvette Z06 Centennial Edition. This is good news […]

GRID 2 – WSR Part 3: Asia, New Frontiers [UK]

The ‘World Series Racing 3: Asia – New Frontiers’ video focuses on the Asian cars, clubs and locations set to star in GRID 2. Racers earn points for style and form in Drift events on steep and aggressive mountain roads filled with hairpins inspired by Okutama in Japan. Open Road racing is represented with Touge events in Hong Kong, where […]

BRB UK 59: Deadly Blood Dragon Premonition

Och aye the noo! It’s just Jon and Tim manning the ramparts of BRB UK towers this week, as Dan’s having to do boring grown up stuff.

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