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Far Cry 3: Feature Video 2: Tactics, Weapons and Skills

Get your briefing on Far Cry 3’s island, and learn how deactivating radio towers and taking control of outposts can turn the tide in your fight for survival. Earn Xp to unlock new skills, which you can tailor to your style of play to make best use of the vehicles and wide array of weapons […]

Trailer: Far Cry 3 – Psychopaths, Drugs & Other Dangers

Agent Huntley, an ex-CIA operative, continues his insider’s tour of the insanity of Far Cry 3. Discover the truth about the depraved drug & human trafficking on the island. Get tips on how to strategically use outposts to fight and survive. Engage in hunting, crafting, mini-games and side missions to earn cash for weapons and […]

BRB UK 17: E3 Just Happened

The BRB UK are somewhat transformed this week, but still here to bring you all the news that has spilled out of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Grab a cup of tea, pull up a crumpet and get comfy as we have a packed agenda!

Trailer: Far Cry 3 – Step Into Insanity E3

I think this trailer might be laced with something.

Trailer: Far Cry 3 – Gameplay

Tropical islands, safe to eat vegetation and plenty of friendly locals. What’s not to like?

BRBTV: Weekly Wrap-Up Feb 13th – 19th, 2012

Miss any BRBTV content this week? This is the place to find it! Have a look at the trailers, rambles and features handcrafted by, erm, hand by the great and the good at BigRedBarrel TV!

Trailer: Far Cry 3 – Stranded Cinematic

Ubisoft released a 16 second teaser for the latest Far Cry 3 recently, but it left us wanting so much more, we felt it would be cruel to put you through the same pain. Curse you and your clever advertising schedules Ubisoft! So here’s the full Stranded cinematic trailer, showing that life on a tropical […]

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