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Memorable Missions and Where To Find Them

Jamie revisits some of his favourite single player moments.

Review: Far Cry 4

The loudest complaint levelled at Far Cry 4 is that it is too similar to its predecessor. Diarmuid falls into the “if it ain’t broke” camp.

Going Digital

With the next-generation incoming, I have made two decisions so far – I will be getting a PS4 and I will be ‘going digital’.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon – Walkthrough Trailer [UK]

Dean Evans, the Creative Director of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon takes us on a mammoth 8 minute trip through the Blood dragon Island, with his own words and style. Evens takes us through capturing a garrison and then show us just how crazy the firefights are going to get. All the while showcasing the crazy weaponry […]

BRB Boom 39: Mysterical

It’s time, once again, to put boom in your boom and listen to BRB Boom. This week, DogsDie, Smelly Pirate and Yoshifett nerd out about the Far Cry 3, Sim City, Mormon stories, twitter questions and the deal of the week.

BRB UK 44: Snakewad

Ahoy hoy and, may I say, ‘och aye the noo’! Why? Because our resident Scot finally woke up at a time commensurate with doing a podcast. So, for the first time in 2013, join Dan, Jon and Tim as they teeter around the week’s gaming news.

Far Cry 3 Outpost App Trailer

Found some encrypted data during your Far Cry 3 sessions and want to put it to good use? Download the free Far Cry 3 Outpost companion app to decode this data over time to unlock weapon mods and other perks to be used in game. Get social, and invite your friends to help speed up […]

BRB UK 43: I Wouldn’t Touch That With a Bargepole

Happy New Year, you splendid denizens of the Barrel! This week, Jon was asleep. So Dan and Tim had to rely upon the services of a long-haired postal worker (Kev) and a bloke from Texas (Dave) to quench your thirst for podcasting buffoonery and general audio goodness.

BRB UK 41: Fi Fi Floppypants

Pip pip! It’s that time of the week for some British Britishness – all in the name of burbling on about video games. Which, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is spiffing. Dan and Tim are joined by Mat this week, as Jon is off auditing mint humbugs.

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