BRB UK 17: E3 Just Happened

Not to confused with Team 17, it’s episode 17 of BRBUK. Unfortunately we are one member light this week as Dan had to attend to some urgent Royal medical business, but in the week of all the lovely E3 news we couldn’t leave you hanging, so we have drafted in the services of the one and only Mat “Pillowfort” Jones! So pull up a crumpet and listen as we ramble on about the following Royal Subjects;

• Dan’s not here! Arrrrgghh!!
• E3 2012 Press Conferences
– SmartGlass vs Vita vs Gamepad
– Big MS Sequel vs Big Sony Sequel Vs Mario Bros
– Magic of Kinect vs Wonder of Move vs Boredom of Wiimotes
• Ubisoft Press Conference
– Far Cry 3 (with Tribal boobs), Watch Dogs, Rayman Lemons
• EA Press Conference
– Dead Space 3, NFS: Most Wanted, MoH: Warfighter, Sim City (and Sim City Social)
• Have we seen software for new consoles?
– Star Wars 1313, Watch Dogs, Beyond: Two Souls and Watch Dogs.
• Contests
– Extension to Dirt Showdown Contest
– Big Win Soccer contest – Win in game Big Buck currency!

Thanks to all those downloading and thanks to Mat for joining us on this one too. Dan will return and normal service should resume next week!

We appreciate you chaps taking time out of your week to listen to our show.  For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or you can subscribe via iTunes, RSS or Zune and stay up to date.


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  1. Diarmuid

    Good show as always guys.

    Just tried out BWS on my Galaxy Nexus. Not bad. I like the art style and it seems to have a lot of depth.

  2. The_Toaster

    Awesome show, dan come back it’s weird being ignored by other people
    Tim can I have big bucks please

  3. Although we (and obviously everyone else) is quite happy with Dan, we will also quite happily have Mat on again in the future. You can also hear Mat (along with me) on the new BRB WTF podcast discussing the Nintendo press conference and Mat is a regular on our Big Red Ramble videos. You can also hear him on his regular Indie podcast over on Oh No! Video Games.

    Anyone wanting Big Bucks for Big Win Soccer, just PM your Private Team Code (in “Settings”, top left on the main menu screen) I will give it a day or so, just to make sure everyone has a chance to send them and then it may take a day or so after that, but then the developers should credit your account and they will just pop up in your game.

    Once everyone has a chance to build their team up I will try and get a Friends league going too, so let me know who wants in = )

  4. Mat

    that new guy sucks

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