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EA Update: Battlefield 3, Medal Of Honor Warfighter, The Secret World, EA SPORTS NHL 13

Join Matt Cuttle for a rundown of everything you need to know about the latest and greatest gaming goings on in EA Update. EA Update is produced by EA UK and does not necessarily represent the views of or any of its staff.

Trailer: Battlefield 3 – Close Quarters Gameplay

Battlefield 3’s about to get a lot more in your face, with the upcoming Close Quarters DLC due for release this June. New weapons, HD Destruction and good news for PS3 players, you’ll be unleashing your CQB weapons a week early!

War Is Hell(a Fun): Becoming an FPS Gamer

I knew, one day, that it would come to this. I have become an FPS Gamer. I finally caved 4 days ago and joined their ranks. And you know what? It feels good.

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