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BRB UK 66: McSinuses

The good ship BRB UK is being steered by a two man crew this week, as Tim has been struck down with the man ‘flu. So join Dan and Jon as they twaddle on about all things gaming!

Battlefield 3 – End Game DLC Trailer

Out in March, the last DLC pack in the Battlefield 3 puzzle. Featuring the super nimble dirtbikes, a new capture the flag gamemode, and brand new Air Superiority for huge dogfights.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath – Launch Trailer

War wages into 4 brand new, earthquake ravaged maps, where you’ll have to traverse difficult terrain and avoid fire from modified urban vehicles and the new crossbow weapon. Aftermath also brings in the new Scavenger mode, where players will need to search high and low for for more powerful weapons in a fight for survival. […]

Battlefield 3: Aftermath – Premiere Trailer

Adding 4 new urban maps set in post-earthquake ravaged terrain, new assignments, new vehicles and a crossbow to your arsenal, Aftermath is the latest map pack for Battlefield 3. Also adding a brand new Scavenger game mode, where combatants will start with just a knife, one grenade and a side arm, and will have to […]

EA PWNED – Gamescom 2012 Special

Matt Cuttle’s back for more from Gamescom, with some exclusive interviews with the game developers that EA have got on exhibit at the show. PWNED is produced by Electronic Arts UK and does not necessarily represent the views of or any of its staff.

Too Soon? Too Late? When’s The Right Time for DLC?

Is it better to release DLC too soon or too late – or Is there even a suitable middle ground?

EA PWNED – Gamescom 2012 Conference Round Up

Matt Cuttle talks us through everything that went down during EA’s press conference at Gamescom 2012 on day one. As well as the game trailers which can be found in our Gamescom coverage so far, there’s some additional footage from the main stage in this special episode of PWNED, including NHL 13, EA Origin coming to […]

Trailer: Battlefield 3: Premium Edition – Gamescom 2012

Launching this September, the ultimate Battlefield 3 experience in one retail package. Included will be all of the perks of Premium, including all of the five DLC packs, a head start kit for multiplayer and of course the original Battlefield 3 game. Being a Premium pack, you’ll also get 2 week early access to the […]

Trailer: Battlefield 3: Armored Kill – Gameplay Premiere

All out vehicle warfare leads the reasons why Battlefield 3 fans are so excited for the latest DLC. With new vehicles, assignments, game modes and new maps, including the biggest map in the Battlefield series to date, this expansion pack is exactly what Battlefield 3 is all about.

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