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New Slimmer PlayStation 3 Starts the New Console Countdown

Compressing the dimensions and weight down to an unquestionably tiny tee, the new PlayStation 3 resembles something of a last hurrah.

Trailer: War of the Roses – Skill

This is no modern warfare, this is 15th Century war, where the greatest weapons can be rendered useless if you lack the skills to use them. The final call has gone out for brave knights to gain early access to War of the Roses, the upcoming medieval squad combat title from Paradox Interactive and Fatshark.

Big Red Flix 36: Stuart Smalley

Join the Flix crew as they rot their brains with Bachelorette, Sky Fall, Man Of Steel, and they settle the Marvel vs DC debate once and for all.

BRB UK 29: Worst. Texan. Ever.

Dan was sadly indisposed for this week’s episode. But never fear! Jon and Tim are joined by Dave, BRB’s very own Podcast Wrangler, to talk a load of delicious codswallop about the week’s gaming news.

Trailer: Dishonored – Developer Documentary Part 4 – End Game

In the latest developer documentary, the team take a look back at the journey they’ve taken from an early concept of Dishonored, to the finished world that they want players to experience first hand.

The Big Red Ramble: Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron

Kev and Tudor take a very brief look at a game that came out weeks ago and we totally remembered to do a feature for.

Trailer: Borderlands 2 – Launch

Handsome Jack offers the vault hunters a warm welcome to Pandora, but with bazillion of guns and the Vault still to find, the vault hunters have prepared their own welcome. Mayhem awaits. Bring friends.

Can You Be A Mass Murdering Hero?

The typical game narrative of being a hero setting out to singlehandedly save the universe is often at odds with the mechanics of killing hundreds, if not thousands of people to do so.

BRB Blu 26: Sports and Pinball

This week PacManPolarBear is joined by Dave, Darkwonders and Yoshifett to discuss Madden 13, Zen Pinball 2, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros, Skyrim’s DLC fail, and a few more nuggets of Sony goodness.

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