Big Red Flix 36: Stuart Smalley

Welcome back for another episode of Big Red Flix,’s movie podcast. This was originally going to be bonus content for episode 35, but Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett rambled on like they always do and it came out just short of 50 minutes. Join the Flix crew as they rot their brains with Bachelorette, Sky Fall, Man Of Steel, and they settle the Marvel vs DC debate once and for all.

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  1. AussieAzzman

    When trying to think of random comic book hero/villans, I instantly thought of SnowFlame. Snow Flame increases his strength and covers himself with white flames when he ingests cocaine. Weirdest ability ever.

  2. What? Cocaine is like his spinach.

    • Quantum of Solace was filmed during the punk ass writer strike. supposedly the director and the the dude that plays James Bond “wrote” the script. Bring on Sky Fall

  3. FireMuncher

    Wow Yoshi your turning into Frawlz. Hand on my c*ck and chubby comments were priceless!
    And lizzy Caplan is ok in my books not great though or anything to drool over. Sorry she’s no redhead from the new wendy’s commercials

  4. Watch Dredd. It’s actually quite good.

  5. About the Marvel vs. DC, as a fan of both the comments made about how DC has stupid characters and such, I call BS. You complained about the characters being dumb such as Aquaman, and Green Lantern and while I admit that they have kinda stupid backgrounds they are much better characters then you think. Batman, whom you all seem to really enjoy, wasn’t always so dark and brooding; he became that way with different writers and artists and movies over time. Well, the same thing has happened with other characters such as Aquaman and Green Lantern, they aren’t fluffy characters anymore (there was the whole Hal Jordan went crazy and killed all the Green Lanterns thing). My point is that you can’t judge these characters on what they were, they are different now and better because creative people made them more interesting and deep like they did with Batman. 

    And to point out something else, The Avengers and other Marvel movies were all longshots, until one hit it big but they were longshots because no one knew any of the characters really before Iron Man hit big. I have a strong feeling that pre Iron Man and Avengers, if you went up to someone in the street and asked them who Iron Man is, they wouldn’t know, but if you did that with Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, even Aquaman, people would know who they are, maybe not everything but they know who they all are and vaguely what they look like. Which is why they are doing Superman now and then in 2015 going immediately into the Justice League cause people still know the Justice League. 


    Love the show and you guys are awesome, but I had to nerd rant a bit sunglasses

  6. Lynx_Lapdance

    You hath nullified my quibble Dave, please continue to make the non BKR podcast a two act play.

  7. Lynx_Lapdance said
    You hath nullified my quibble Dave, please continue to make the non BKR podcast a two act play.

    It’s never planned. We turn on the mics, start talking and magic happens.

  8. Badhaggis

    @Archer, people might know who wonder women is, but I seriously doubt they would know any others on your list.


    I seriously never want to see another super hero film for about 5-7 years, I’ve had enough.

  9. zombiesauerkraut

    Why should Jitterbug change his mind when he’s always right…I know it’s a joke, and I gotta say, it’s very funny. Very, VERY funny. Quantum of Solace was not nearly as great as Casino Royal, but to go so far as to describe it with imagery of fecal matter is just being obscene. Upon my first viewing I was very let down, but re-watching it I actually quite enjoyed Quantum. It’s true that the villain sucks, but Daniel Craig Bond is still awesome, and I fail to see how the action or dialogue really differs that much from Casino Royal. Just my humble little opinion. Might not be shared by everyone, but at least it’s civilized.

    I’m sure that anyone who was our age in the 60s or 70s would take offense to you saying that the 007 movies of those times were “supposed to be terrible” and we’re meant to laugh at them. Back then special effects, screenwriting and acting talent were very limited, but they didn’t know any better, so to them it looked like the real deal. Besides, there’s something very instinctive and genuine about avoiding being bitten by a tarantula that I admire.

    “South Koreans are afraid of North Korea.” Nice one, Dave! Laughed my ass off. And again, love the impressions. Your “Bane”, even without the tin can, is spot on as far as I’m concerned.

    Good show, cheers.

  10. What?! ZS doesn’t like me? Color me shocked.

  11. zombiesauerkraut

    Hey, now! Don’t be like that. It’s not that I dislike you, it’s just that you have a potty-mouth. And you’re criticisms are hysterical and unsound and serve only to put you everlastingly in the spotlight. And I don’t like you. That’s all.

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