Big Red Flix 12: Jessica Biel Repulsor Boots

Welcome back for another episode of Big Red Flix,’s movie podcast. This week Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett discuss Friday The 13th, Friday Night Lights, Hunger Games and Board Walk Empire, as well as trailers for Total Recall, High School, Ted and Savages.

Check back next time because the gang will be discussing Riki Oh: The Story of Ricky.

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  1. Providence


  2. Providence

    Jitterbug. If you want an amazing movie podcast. Listen to ‘The Spill’ audio reviews. These 3 guys are great. Only one of them bothers me, but they are amazing at being super critical even when their opinions differ. They stay on topic really well and still manage to have funny moments and tangents. Not saying their better at all, different dudes different dynamic, but ya when I am waiting between flix episodes I go there.


    • but don’t watch the video ones. For some reason they put their voices to stupid looking cartoon characters that just sit there and move their mouths. Just go with audio

  3. Isaac Gold

    hey i was wandering if you had seen American Graffiti and what did you think of it? Its very different from Lucas’ later works but i still think it is very good

  4. @Lynx The reason we limit the time of our podcasts is to leave you, the listener, wanting more. And on a personal note, I’m far too lazy to edit every podcast (UK, Boom, Blu and Flix x 2) if they get any longer. We’ve come along way since the beginning when podcasts were limited to 30 minutes. If you want more, get the podcast app. $2.99 will get you more of the podcasts you enjoy.

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