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BRB Boom 6: Kick The Bobo

Join DogsDie, Smelly Pirate and Yoshifett as they nerd out about Angry Birds In Space, Hunger Games not having a game, Mormon moments, a deal of the week and other topics that effect today’s gamer.

FIFA Euro 2012 Release Marks Beginning of a New Digital Age

This year, the UEFA Euro 2012 tie-in game will be released in the constraints of a new business model, as a digital download add-on for FIFA 12 for around £15.99 rather than as a disc-based release.

Trailer: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – Our World (Gameplay)

Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons! In this first look of gameplay footage, Cybertron is infested with war, and the Decepticons look to be winning. Only Optimus Prime, and powerful Autobot allies such as the mighty Grimlock, can help turn the tide and preserve the Transformers’ home planet.

Trailer: Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Inside Recon #3: Guerilla

In the latest video, we get a look into Guerilla mode, a 4 player co-operative experience where you’ll have to work as a team, and utilize the enemy’s psychological weaknesses just to survive.

The Big Red Ramble – Mass Effect 3

This Big Red Ramble is MASS-ive. Tudor, Dan, Dave and Kev all weigh in on the changes, choices and endings to Mass Effect 3. Needless to say, this video contains spoilers.

Big Red Flix 8: Guess What I Did To Your Geraldo

Welcome back for another episode of Big Red Flix,’s movie podcast. Though plagued again by audio issues, the crew was determined to give you something to listen to, and this movie mashup was recorded just for you.

Trailer: Darksiders II – Death Strikes Part I

Don’t fear the Reaper, unless you’re one of his enemies. As war wages between the Demons and Angels, Death shows how he earnt the name in Heaven and Hell

BRB UK 7: Gippo Manor

Lickety-split, zing-zang spillip and och aye the noo! It’s Wednesday – and that means that it’s time for another episode of BRB UK! Join Dan, Jon and Tim as they rummage through the week’s gaming news.

Trailer: Assassin’s Creed III – Connor’s Weapons

Assassin’s Creed III’s protagonist has a few tricks up his sleeves, on his back, around his waist…

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