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BRB Souls 1: Welcome To Lordran! Prepare To Die.

The time you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, as Kev, Yoshifett and Saint Mantooth begin their journey of reminiscence through the land of Lordran.

Trailer: Dark Souls 2 PC Launch

I honestly think it’d be hard to cut a trailer of this game that didn’t look great.

Review: Dark Souls 2 (Updated)

Dark Souls 2 is the latest addition to the cult hit Souls series, a series that only two years ago was barely recognised in the majority of gaming circles.

Trailer: Dark Souls II – Cursed

The only curse I’m aware of is the foul language escaping from my mouth every time I remember this game is still several weeks away.

So, You’re Intimidated By Dark Souls, Part 1: The Not-So Basics

Intimidated by the enigma known as Dark Souls? Fret no longer! Kev is here to show you the start of the game, and hopefully explain what it is and how it works along the way, as well as giving you some tips and tricks that will get you started in this ostensibly brutal game. In […]

Dark Souls II – E3 Trailer

Are you ready to experience the Dark Souls addiction again? Dark Souls II brings a new game engine for improved combat, design, sound, lighting FX, and graphic fidelity. Go Beyond Death on March 2014. I think it’s safe to say that shortly after every jump cut the knight pictured dies. Regardless it’s hardly a fair […]

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