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Dying Light: The Following – Buggy Frenzy Community Bounty

The first community bounty has been announced for Dying Light: The Following, titled Buggy Frenzy. Players will need to mow down 5,000,000 zombies in the game with their buggies on 19th and 20th March. If they achieve this number, they unlock the gold buggy paint job for use in the game. Anyone interested can track the […]

Dying Light: The Following – Launch Trailer

Dying Light was one of last year’s big surprises. The Following appears to be following that trend by giving people looking for a mere exapnsion far more than they bargained for. The DLC contains a gigantic new area to roam, a new story to sink your teeth into and a buggy. Who doesn’t love buggies!

Dying Light: The Following – Be the Zombie Showdown Trailer

Dying Light: The Following‘s release is approaching and it is looking like a behemoth. The amount of content that appears to be included seems to be justifying the increase in the season pass price. The above trailer shows offs the amendments made to the game’s asymmetrical PvP mode Be the Zombie. It will add the buggy […]

Dying Light: The Following – Exploration Trailer

When the expansion for Dying Light was announced, Techland said they were going to introduce a whole new area to explore. The latest trailer for the The Following shows off this area – and it is massive. An interactive map can be viewed here.

Dying Light: The Following – Nightmare Mode

Dying Light was a difficult enough game to begin with; but with the upcoming The Following expansion, Techland have seen fit to introduce a new difficulty to the game – Nightmare Mode. The new mode restricts overpowered Easter Egg weapons, introduces XP penalties for dying and ramps up the difficulty of enemies. Watch the above video […]

Dying Light: The Following – Bounties Trailer

With the impending release of Dying Light‘s long-awaited expansion The Following, Techland will be introducing three categories of in-game challenges called Bounties. These challenges will add variety to the game-play and allow players to level up more easily in the game. The Following arrives on 9th February.

Dying Light: The Following – Weaponize Your Ride Trailer

Dying Light: The Following, the massive expansion for last year’s best zombie game, will feature buggies. This has been known for a while. However, this latest trailer details how you will be able to customise your buggie to make it even more deadly. Dying Light: The Following will be available on 9th February.

Dying Light: The Following – 15 Minutes of Gameplay

Dying Light was one of the best surprises of this year. Techland currently have a major expansion in the works, called The Following, and have released a gameplay video showing off the new content. Featuring ‘The Trust Is Out There’ quest chain, the video showcases some of the new features of Dying Light: The Following, including […]

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