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VRB 04: All The News!

Our VR boys return to chat about all the new games and devices you can strap to your face

BRB UK 547: Elephant in the Room

There’s a new Nintendo Direct this week and wow, that’s a lot of Mario games

BRB UK 546: Summer Game Mess 2023

It’s a hot Summer filled with even hotter games

BRB UK 544.5: C-Smashing with Jörg

Jörg Tittel joins the show to talk with Tim about C-Smash VRS, The Last Worker and more

BRB UK 537: Tim’s Big WASD Adventure

We sent our resident Mr November out to WASD and he made a big new friend

BRB UK 536: Inundated with Whips

Before returning to Castlevania, just remember that Alucard is Dracula spelt backwards

VRB 03: No Half-Life for You!

VR isn’t dead and just in case you didn’t know, neither is this here podcast

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