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VRB 09: One Step Closer to the Hedge

When there’s grass on the field, well… you’re going to get really sick trying to cut it

VRB 07: Historically Accurate Fish

If you’re going to get involved with fish chaps, then they had best be accurate

Does Sony Care about PS VR2?

We are now eight months on from the initial PS VR2 launch but does Sony even care?

VRB 04: All The News!

Our VR boys return to chat about all the new games and devices you can strap to your face

BRB UK 547: Elephant in the Room

There’s a new Nintendo Direct this week and wow, that’s a lot of Mario games

BRB UK 546: Summer Game Mess 2023

It’s a hot Summer filled with even hotter games

BRB UK 544.5: C-Smashing with Jörg

Jörg Tittel joins the show to talk with Tim about C-Smash VRS, The Last Worker and more

BRB UK 537: Tim’s Big WASD Adventure

We sent our resident Mr November out to WASD and he made a big new friend

BRB UK 536: Inundated with Whips

Before returning to Castlevania, just remember that Alucard is Dracula spelt backwards

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