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Experiencing Sydney VR Rooms: Cosmos

Ian straps on to explore Australia’s first Virtual Reality Escape Room experience. Does he make it in time?

Asia Pacific Digital Week: VR and IoT

Ian pops his VR cherry and checks out the future of AR, AI and mixed reality at the Asia Pacific Digital Week 2018.

PlayStation VR – Further Impressions

Months after release, Tim and Diarmuid to give further impressions on PlayStation VR’s growing software library.

Review: Nintendo Switch Accessories

Diarmuid tries out some new accessories for Nintendo’s Switch console, you can read his thoughts here.

Life with PlayStation VR – One Month In

After a month with PSVR headset, Tim & Diarmuid discuss life with Sony’s next generation gambit.

PlayStation VR – Initial Impressions

Tim & Diarmuid give their initial thoughts on the PlayStation VR headset, as well as a some of the launch games on the platform.

Element Gaming Palladium Keyboard

Richard reviews a gaming keyboard with an elegant design and pretty lights – What more could you want?

PlayStation VR – Features Trailer

A new trailer has been released detailing the many features of the PlayStation VR headset, including its 5.7″ OLED display, 120Hz refresh rate and 100 degree field of view. Now we just need to know the price!

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