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CONTEST: WIN! Hackney’s Finest on DVD

Thanks to the lovely people at AR:PR, we have 3 copies of Hackney’s Finest on DVD to giveaway to you lucky people.

CONTEST: WIN! Trials Fusion on PS4

Thanks to the fine people at RedLynx and Ubisoft, you can enjoy all the craziness of being an avid, adventurous Trial biking daredevil without the lengthy downtime and expensive hospital bills.

Titanfall Contest – Win Xbox One Copy, Pad and First to Fall Patch

Win Titanfall for Xbox One with a Limited Edition Xbox One Pad and Titanfall Patch.

Contest: Win a Copy of The Wolverine on Blu-Ray!

Win a copy of The Wolverine on Blu-ray with BRB’s free, easy to enter contest!

WIN!! A Next-Gen Copy of Call of Duty:Ghosts Thanks to

Yes, once again we are partnering with to bring you one of the biggest games of the year and this time it is also our first ever next-gen contest!

BRB UK 80: Raygun Winston

This week, the boys from BRB UK were evidently caught in a disturbance of the time-space continuum; not only does this show date from before Extra Life, but Jon has also managed to join Dan and Tim.

Pokemoaning YTF: My Unanswered Pokemon Questions

Tim’s seriously confused about some Pokemon-related matters. Answer his queries and you could win a £20 Nintendo eShop voucher.

WIN!!! A Ticket For Eurogamer Expo and the StickTwiddlers After Party

Both the Eurogamer Expo and the Stick Twiddlers after party have been completely sold out for quite some time. So, what do you do if you haven’t got a ticket already?

Contest! Win Grand Theft Auto V Courtesy of

Read on if you want to win a brand spanking new (and definitely not stolen) copy of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360.

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