BRB UK 485: Accidental Fat Lip

By on 8th April 2022 - Podcast, UK Podcast

There is a new Monkey Island game coming out this year and nothing else matters

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BRB UK 484: They Broke My Game!

By on 1st April 2022 - Podcast, UK Podcast

Sometimes I wish I could fit a car in my mouth too, you know?

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BRB UK 483: Down the Fox Hole

By on 25th March 2022 - Games, UK Podcast

Tunic, it’s like The Legend of Zelda but with a cute F’n little Fox instead

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BRB UK 482: Wrestling with Chaos

By on 18th March 2022 - Podcast, UK Podcast

We’ve got sweaty dudes in spandex and an angry bloke looking to kill Chaos

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BRB UK 481: Menus Within Menus!

By on 11th March 2022 - Podcast, UK Podcast

Menus, cars and menus… What is this? Tim’s ideal game?

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BRB UK 480: Horse & Fingers

By on 4th March 2022 - Podcast, UK Podcast

This is going to be the name of my gross, Elden Ring-themed pub

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BRB UK 479: Triple Flange Wipeable Gasket

By on 25th February 2022 - Podcast, UK Podcast

Horizon Forbidden West, The Witch Queen and wide Ryu… together at last

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BRB UK 478: Analitics

By on 18th February 2022 - Podcast, UK Podcast

Hey, The King of Fighters series is just Street Fighter for rich kids… pass it on

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BRB UK 477: We know Kung Fu

By on 11th February 2022 - Podcast, UK Podcast

Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind. If you wanna test me, I’m sure you’ll find a new podcast episode

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Sniper Elite 4 @ EGX 2016

While Sniper Elite 4 looks stunning, Diarmuid can confirm that it also plays like a dream – a violent, gruesome dream.

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