Bowser’s Fury – Gameplay Trailer

By on 12th January 2021 - Games, Trailer, Video

Nintendo has released a second trailer for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury with a much bigger focus on the bowser boy himself. This semi-sequel to the Wii U release brings the team-up of Mario and Bowser Jr and they join forces to try and stop an out for control giant Daddy Bowser. Throw […]

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Shot in the Dark – Launch Date Trailer

By on 8th January 2021 - Games, Trailer, Video

Putting you in the pixelated boots of a cowboy, seeking vengeance from demons and cultists, shot in the dark brings and 8-bit aesthetic to your gunslinging. Coming to PC by way of Steam, Shot in the Dark will be available on January 12.

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BRB UK 423: PlayStation 4 Picks

By on 8th January 2021 - Games, Podcast, UK Podcast

PlayStation 5 is here (for those that could get one), so we’re taking a look back at the PS4

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The King of Fighters XIV Ultimate Edition – Launch Trailer

By on 7th January 2021 - Games, Trailer, Video

While we wait for the next eagerly anticipated instalment in The King of Fighters franchise, the Ultimate Edition of XIV is available from today and has a mass of content for you to chew on. Boasting a massive 58 characters – including 8 new DLC fighters, there is more than enough variation to add to […]

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Samurai Showdown – Season Pass 3 Trailer

By on 7th January 2021 - Games, Trailer, Video

Playing Samurai Showdown and fancy jazzing up your fights with some new characters? Maybe you’ve picked it up in the various recent sales and just need a bigger roster? SNK has been busy and launched their latest season pass, allowing access the Season Three’s new DLC fighters, including Cham Cham (coming March), The Last Blade […]

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The King of Fighters XV – Gameplay Trailer

By on 7th January 2021 - Games, Trailer, Video

A new year brings new games and SNK has burst out of the gate with their fifteenth instalment to The King of Fighters franchise. Along with some very smooth looking animation, this gameplay trailer shows off the some of the current confirmed roster of fighters, including Shun’ei, Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru Nikaido, Leona Heidern, K’ and […]

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Intellivision Amico – 2021 New Year Update + Tempest Gameplay

By on 1st January 2021 - Games, Trailer, Video

Remember when games press were inundated with a slew of updates announcing various retro consoles getting new updated versions? Well, Intellivision seems to be the first to actually go ahead with their new console idea with the Amico and we’ve been monitoring its progress for a while. Following a very rocky 2020, things are looking […]

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BRB UK 422: 2021 Time Baby!

By on 1st January 2021 - Games, Podcast, UK Podcast

As we’ve recently done a Back to the Future into before, we’ll just say Happy New Year instead

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BRB UK 421: Best of a Bad Situation

By on 25th December 2020 - Games, Podcast, UK Podcast

2020 has been a weird old year but at least we’ve had some great games to play

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