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We here are Big Red Barrel are unabashed fans of Top Cow Comics. If you have read Rik’s review of the terrific Death Vigil or taken part in their Humble Bundle you will know why. On a personal note, Aphrodite IX was part of how I got started reading comics. With an output that ranges from their shared universe properties Witchblade, Cyber Force, Aphrodite IX and IXth Generation, thought provoking contemporary comics Think Tank and The Tithe, science fiction stories including Tales Of Honor and Symmetry and the fantasy epic Ravine there is something for everyone on their roster.

Part of Top Cow’s unique business model is that they like to give away comics, believing that the content will be good enough to inspire readers to buy print versions. This month Top Cow seem to have outdone themselves, with free pdf downloads available on their website of over 30 titles. and, because we don’t want you, the lovely Big Red Barrel reader, to miss out, here they all are:

The Tithe #1

IXth Generation #1

Sunstone vol. 1 Preview

Postal #1

Adr1ft #1

Wildfire #1

Berserker #1

Freshmen #1

Netherworld #1

39 Minutes Preview

Impaler #1

Tales of Honor #1

Tales of Honor: Bred to Kill #0

Ravine vol. 1

Genius #1

Chronicles of Hate (Preview)

A Voice in the Dark #1

Bushido #1

Echoes #1

Sunset #1

Down #1

Think Tank #1

Think Tank #2

Think Tank #3

Think Tank #4

Think Tank: Fun with PTSD #1

Cyber Force #1

Cyber Force #2

Cyber Force #3

Cyber Force #4

Aphrodite IX #1

Witchblade #170

Rise of the Magi #0

No signing up, no mailing list joining or any other faffing about necessary. Simply click on the link to open the pdf. And then buy a print version of them from your local comic book shop for a friend if you like them (they will be with the Image Comics graphic novels).

My personal recommendation would be the absolutely beautiful fantasy story Ravine written and drawn by the extraordinarily talented Stjepan Sejic. Every panel is a work of art. Seriously, it is gorgeous.

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