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Preview: XCOM: The Board Game

This preview gives you two perspectives on XCOM: The Board Game – one from Tim’s perspective, as a fan of the video games, and Alex’s perspective, who has never played the video games before.

BRB UK 100: You Dig?

Unbelievably, Dan, Jon and Tim have managed to reach 100 episodes. So pull up a chair and enjoy the very first decagenarian instalment of BRB UK. We may be older, but we’re certainly none the wiser.

Not Knowing Your Limits Can Destroy All Your Worlds

In the absence of wide ranging appeal, it is perhaps even more important to know the limits of the audience you are able to reach.

BRB UK 41: Fi Fi Floppypants

Pip pip! It’s that time of the week for some British Britishness – all in the name of burbling on about video games. Which, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is spiffing. Dan and Tim are joined by Mat this week, as Jon is off auditing mint humbugs.

BRB UK 33: Pig Bladder Ball

It’s been a strange week in world of gaming – but, thankfully, we’ve also started to see the first titles in the end-of-year deluge of games hit the shelves. So join Dan, Jon and Tim as they attempt to navigate around the week’s news!

Rebirth: Stop Calling it a Reboot

I would argue that very few games are technically rebooted, most are just reborn. The phrase “reboot” should be reserved for occasions where something has been shut down and restarted.

The Big Red Ramble: XCOM Enemy Unknown

Tim takes control of a mouse while Tudor and Kev look on in amazement at just how terrible he is at controlling it. Jon’s passed out on the sofa, but there in spirit. Oh yeah, also there are ALIENS.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – “Our Last Hope” Launch Trailer

 XCOM: Enemy Unknown puts you in control of XCOM HQ, a collaboration of the world’s finest soldiers. Recruit, train and upgrade your soldiers, using research acquired from studying alien technology. Your success will be determined on your ability to keep your soldiers alive on the battlefield, as they are the last hope for humanity.

XCOM: Jake Solomon Undercover

Just knowing that this guy is in charge of making video games is why I still have faith in this industry. Video Games would be a nightmarish world without its Jake Solomons in it. Watch as the XCOM head honcho visits a local game store to sell people on Firaxis’ upcoming masterpiece.

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