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VRB 03: No Half-Life for You!

VR isn’t dead and just in case you didn’t know, neither is this here podcast

BRB UK 530: More VR Hype!

Are you ready to go all Lawnmower Man with PSVR 2? Not long to go now

BRB UK 471: 2022 For You

Let’s kill off another cursed year with some levity, by looking forward at all the shiny games

BRB UK 442: Suddenly… Horse!

Let’s talk Resident Evil Village, Yakuza 0, DIRT 5, Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield and a VR Horse

BRB UK 441: Village People

We’re all off to the Village to fight some Werewolves… but not Swearwolves

BRB UK 440: Chugging Like a…

Go grab your biggest spoon and tuck into this week’s massive bowl of BRB UK

BRB UK 426: Welcome to Turrican

Come and let us into your ears with our magical ear-getting-into word… moist

BRB UK 422: 2021 Time Baby!

As we’ve recently done a Back to the Future into before, we’ll just say Happy New Year instead

PlayStation 5 – New and Upcoming Games Trailer

The PlayStation 5 has been available for just under a month now and if you were lucky enough to pick one up (boo to scalpers), you’ll probably want to know what games you should be playing on your giant white game box. Handily, Sony has put out a short sizzle-reel of new and upcoming titles […]

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