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BRB UK 112: Peace Pants

The BRB podcasting time-space anomaly continues – so Dan, Jon and Tim are talking to you from the past this week. Which means they’ll sound a bit confused about Gamescom not having happened yet, even though it has.

Big Red Barrelcast 56: Dropping The 2

On this week’s episode, PacManPolarBear and Dave are joined by Rothbart to blabber on about Youtube buying Twitch, E3 hopes and Microsoft flipping more switches.

BRB UK 84: 0898 PlayStation 4

Ahoy there, chaps and chapettes! The silly season of console launches is officially coming to a close (for the moment, anyway) with the EU launch of the PlayStation 4.

Whoever Wins, We Win

In the middle of all the alterations and altercations in the console war, before either console gets to the market, a clear winner has been decided – the gamer.

BRB UK 64: Xbox One Eighty

We’re all still recovering from the onslaught of gaming goodness from E3 2013 – and we even had a Brit on the ground getting hands-on with everything (and not just games).

Sony E3 2013 News Roundup

Sony deliver on PS4’s final shape, price and what to expect from the console in its first year – and pack some shock announcements in too.

BRB UK 50: Second Base With Sony

Ahoy hoy! It’s (finally) back to normal service this week in BRB UK towers, as Dan’s had the 21st Century plumbed back into his house – just in time for the big PS4 event.

The Most Exciting Games Shown At The PlayStation 4 Event

Social features like stalking your Facebook friends while playing video games are cool and all, but games always come first.

PlayStation 4: The Good, the Bad and the Non-Existent

To help the attention-starved and disinterested among us, here’s a rapid-fire assault of the good, the bad and the non-existent details from the PlayStation Meeting.

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