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Review: The Escapists

If you’re looking for a break from gritty realism then you should look no further than the strategic, light-hearted and charming retro styled game, The Escapists.

Review: Minutes

There is more to Minutes than meets the eye – what appears to be a simple ‘action puzzler’ on the surface quickly turns into an addictive and often times infuriating, fast-paced test of skill.

The Charnel House Trilogy – Teaser Trailer

Take a look at this new trailer for The Charnel House Trilogy and not only will you notice some very interesting pixel art but you may recognise a few voices too. Well among its impressive vocal cast are Jim Sterling and Borderlands 2’s Ashly Burch. The Charnel House Trilogy is currently set for release sometime in April […]

Dungeons of Aledorn: Interview with designer Ladislav ‘Nefarit’ Štojdl

Using classic PC and table top RPG’s as its influence, Dungeons of Aledorn is an RPG currently in development for PC aimed at the hardcore role playing fanatic.

Review: Lumino City

The guys and girls at State of Play have been extremely busy since the release of Lume, upping the scale to an entire city, and in doing so, creating a game unlike anything Rik has ever experienced before.

A Light In Chorus @ EGX

One of the most eye-catching games in the Leftfield section at EGX 2014 was A Light In Chorus, an exploration game with a unique visual style.

Review: The Walking Dead: Season 2: Episode 4 – Amid The Ruins

Whilst there are plenty of ticked boxes in Amid The Ruins, the sense of impending closure is absent from this weaker installment due to patchy pacing and a drifting plot.

Review: Monochroma

Whilst it lives up to the promise of a deep visual experience, Monochroma is ultimately unsatisfying thanks to a frustrating lack of control.

Review: Stick it to The Man!

May’s PS4 PlayStation Plus offering is a charming, humorous adventure that, although brief, will leave you with a big, dopey grin on your face.

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