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BigRedBarrel @ Eurogamer Expo 2012: The Movie (Not Really A Movie)

If you’ve ever doubted Jon Brady’s ability to talk complete rubbish, this will prove it definitively. Ostensibly this is a video of our experience at the UK’s number one gaming expo, but in reality… Well… It’s entertaining, at least! Also giving a huge shout-out and thanks to Josh from Oh No! Video Games! for filming […]

Rebirth: Stop Calling it a Reboot

I would argue that very few games are technically rebooted, most are just reborn. The phrase “reboot” should be reserved for occasions where something has been shut down and restarted.

BRB UK 32: Eurogamer A Go Go!

Eurogamer Expo – it was a thing. A fantastic thing. A thing with lots of lovely video game newness to get ankle-deep in; so join the chaps as they look back on the show and dish out some awards.

BRB @ Eurogamer Expo 2012: Wonderbook – Book Of Spells

Jon is taught how to levitate things with a magic wand. ACTUALLY OBVIOUSLY AS YOU CAN SEE.

Eurogamer Babes and Strong Female Leads: Are Women Considered People In This Industry Yet?

Eurogamer Expo – I beat the rush to get in, head into the hall and before me stand two svelte ladies with QR codes wrapped around their bottoms.

Special Effect’s New Controller Enables More to Think with Portals

The gaming charity has created a brand new adaptable controller for gamers unable to use traditional joypads. We give it a whirl.

Preview: F1 Race Stars

Read up on why Codemasters’ shrinkified F1 title manages to out-Mario Mario Kart with some bobbleheaded celebrity stars.

Preview: Company Of Heroes 2

Company Of Heroes 2 seemingly isn’t bringing anything especially new or different to the franchise outside of a graphics bump, but more Company Of Heroes is no bad thing.

BRB UK 31: Kojima’s Cock Pit

Videogames! There’s lots of ’em starting to emerge bleary-eyed from the arid desert that is the summer release schedule – and that gives Dan, Jon and Tim plenty to babble on about.

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