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Free Comic Book Day 2017 – Part 2

Team BRB take one more look at the Free Comic Book Day 2017 offerings – including Wonder Woman, The Defenders & more.

Review: ABC Warriors: Return To Robusters

Richard checks out the latest story of the robots who need help from an old friend.

Review: Aquila: Blood Of The Iceni

Richard reviews Aquila: Blood Of The Iceni. Swords, sandals, gods and monsters.

Review: Ro-Busters: The Nuts And Bolts Vol. 1

Thunderbirds, minus Jeff Tracy, plus a greedy cyborg, minus the Tracy kids, plus a bunch of misfit robots equals 2000 AD’s Ro-Busters.

Review: Judge Dredd: Dark Justice

When Rik was given the opportunity to read Judge Dredd: Dark Justice, the brand new standalone story featuring the return of the Dark Judges, he jumped on it

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