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Big Red Barrelcast 113: Teleporting Rope

Time to let Dave, Kev and Pacman tickle your ear drums with gaming news and reviews.

Big Red Barrelcast 112: Time Cop Wins!

The Big Red Barrelcast is back to talk about the PlayStation Neo, Alienation and serve up some Purple Rain.

Big Red Barrel 111: Pacman Got Married!

It’s been a while but the Big Red Barrelcast returns! Okay so the news is a little dated, but we’ll double your podcasting pleasure this week.

Big Red Barrelcast 110: Detestation Drilling Destiny

Dave, Kev, and PacManPolarBear are back to talk about The Division, PlayStation VR and so much more.

Big Red Barrelcast 109: Ask Jeeves

Big Red Barrelcast is here to shock and amaze you. The NX is coming and you know Dave, Kev and PacManPolarBear have opinions about it.

Big Red Barrelcast 108: A Leaf On The Wind

The Big Red Barrelcast crew aims to misbehave while talking about Street Fighter 5 and the DICE awards.

Big Red Barrelcast 107: Wham!

Did you know Kanye has a game coming out? Dave, Kev and Pacman make fun of that and a whole lot more on this week’s episode of the Big Red Barrelcast.

Big Red Barrelcast 106: A Hole In One

Dave, Pacman and Kev speak jive about Pacman’s heroing adventure, Homefront and TMNT.

Big Red Barrelcast 105: J Smooth

The Big Red Barrelcast returns after a short hiatus to tickle your eardrums with their first podcast of 2016!

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